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Bell Super Air R MIPS is an exceptional convertible helmet that provides excellent presentation. This lid combines lightweight with a great range of diversity and breathability.

The detachable chin bar is such an amazing attribute for riders who require to jump up big hills to downhill.

Bell Super Air R MIPS Convertible Helmet Features

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If we talk about half-shell mode, Bell super is very delicate and ventilated. It makes you feel like you are wearing a normal trail helmet. Instead, in full-face mode, this helmet is extraordinarily cozy.

Bell Super Air R MIPS Helmet Visor

Bell Super Air R Convertible Helmet contains a tri-position visor. It turns into any of three postures with a slight pulling or pushing force. It doesn’t include any screws to loose or dial. The visor looks brilliant in half-shell mode.

All three of the visor positions are perfectly put and gives a large field of visibility. In full-face mode, the visor is smaller. You can place it wherever you want, and it will be functional.

Bell Super Air R MIPS Helmet Fitness & Comfort

It is windy in every way. Either it is full-face or half-shell modes. Especially, it does not contain any pressuring tips on your head.

It will blow your mind how pleasant it feels. The visible horizon is outstanding with or without goggles. It does not put any pressure on your cheeks or jaw.

Bell Super Air R MIPS Helmet Unique Feature

One amazing thing that stands out completely about this helmet is the spectacularly low weight. Bell super lid weighs delicately 23.8 ounces in full-face means and 14.9 ounces in half-shell. It is known to be the lightest convertible helmet.

Ventilation of Bell Super Air R MIPS Helmet

Ventilation is also another remarkable aspect of the Super Air R helmet. This helmet is quite windy and provides exceptional airflow in its half-shell mode and more than average ventilation in its full-face mode.

Bell Super Air R Helmet Liner

This special helmet is furnished with a MIPS liner. MIPS is a jumpy yellow plane with the helmet between the foam shield and the pads that meet your head.

MIPS is considered to permit your helmet to move a little on your head in case of an angled impact. This little movement is shaped to lessen the rotational forces that might reach your head directly and cause injury.

  • Excellent ventilation system
  • Spectacularly low weighted
  • Contains a three-position visor
  • Very light for people who prefer heavy helmets
  • Slightly expensive

Final Verdict

Bell Super Air R MIPS is an amazing helmet with versatility. We assure you that this is a top-notch helmet that performs its job extraordinarily well. Most importantly, Bell Super Air R is two in one helmet and a responsible choice for riders who prefer versatility.

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