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The coherence to own one helmet that is always armed for multitasking any day is new, but with 2021 passing, it is finally getting recognized and having the attention it deserves.

The new Bell Super DH MIPS helmet is a massive change from the older generations of the Super 3R and 2 and knows to be one the best convertible mountain bike helmet.

Bell Super DH MIPS Helmet Features

Bell Super DH MIPS Convertible MTB Helmet Review

The helmet brags MIPS Spherical protection, a total of 19 vents, and an arrangement of other characteristics like the X-Static rapid drying pad matter, a desegregated breakaway camera setting, and a sweat guide pad constructed to retain sweat away from your head and eyes.

1. Bell Super DH MIPS Helmet Visor

Bell Super DH Helmet Visor

If you’re a fan of fashion or want to fetch a pair of goggles along for your ride, you will have fun with the visor’s Goggle-Guides system.

It permits the visor to remove out of the way when needed so you can have your goggles on the top of the forehead for an uncomplicated retrieve.

Bell Super DH have one of the best visor out of any of the full face helmets we reviewed because it is very adjustable up and down.

Whether you are trying to keep away your eyes from rain or sun, you will find bell super dh helmet large visor extremely convenient in every weather condition.

2. Chin Bar & Safety of Bell Super DH MIPS Helmet

In the company with the upgraded chin bar design, in so many things, we love the most about the Bell Super DH as the efficient MIPS Spherical technology.

Far from conventional MIPS liners, which lessens the spinning forces, the MIPS Spherical system is constructed into the helmet between two distinct layers of foam.

A highly concentrated EPS coating and low-density layer always fit like a hinge on a door design. The pattern permits the medium to proceed many millimeters in any way in case of an impact.

The lower density coating also benefits in reducing brain injuries below the concussion threshold and impacts usually encountered on minor head bumps.

Bell Super DH Helmet Certification

The Bell super DH helmet is ASTM 1952 certified and drafted to bear DH-level crashes. The continuous coating system made sure minor bumps are met with a cozier cushion, protecting the rigid EPS in case of massive hits.

4. Bell Super DH Helmet Fitness & Comfort

The fit of bell super DH helmet feels very comfortable and secure, providing the person wearing it a sense of being covered while being open.

Either you have the chin bar on or off, the helmet will stay fixed nicely and provide security while remaining ease to breathe.

5. Weight & Ventilation of Bell Super DH Helmet

Weight & Ventilation of Bell Super DH Helmet

Thanks to the excellent ventilation it possesses. Bell Super DH Helmet have 25 vents in total which includes 4 chin bar vents, 2 Brow Ports, and 19 Helmet Vents. It is lightweight and ventilated than most of the removable chin bar helmets available in the market. But with the quality, you also need to provide quantity.

Bell Super DH Helmet is a little bit expensive but no matter how much it costs, protecting yourself while bike riding should be your priority.

  • This helmet is extra ventilated
  • Provides extra layers to prevent sweating
  • Contains MIPS spherical system
  • Can be a little expensive

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