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So you have just got your brand new BMX bike but forgot how to keep your skull unimpaired. As though BMX biking is full of dangerous turns and thrills therefore crashing and injuries are inescapable. However, to remain intact, you must put on the best BMX helmet beforehand.

BMX helmets are among a greatly appreciable set of equipment required to keep your skull and its surrounding area safe from certain potential injuries or accidents when you go out for BMX riding. Having the most suitable fit is vital in ensuring that you remain comfortable and safe meanwhile the long sessions.

Therefore, by scrolling down, you will get to see our best BMX helmet list to get the answers to your unanswered questions about your needs.

List of Top 10 Best BMX Helmets

Best OverallBest Overall
Outdoor BMX Cycling HelmetBest for: MTB & BMX Number of Vents: 12 Weight: 0.87 lbsCheck On Amazon
Best for AdultsBest for Adults
Triple Eight Certified Sweatsaver HelmetBest For: BMX Number of Vents: 10 Weight: 1.72 lbsCheck On Amazon
Best for WomenBest for Women
TurboSke BMX HelmetBest For: BMX Number of Vents: 11 Weight: 1.35 lbsCheck On Amazon
Editors ChoiceEditors Choice
WOW Youth Kids BMX HelmetBest For: Every type of ride Number of Vents: 7 Weight: 2.94 lbsCheck On Amazon
Best for TrailsBest for Trails
ILM Adult ATV BMX HelmetBest For: BMX, Street, & Dirt Bike Number of Vents: 10 Weight: 4.5 lbsCheck On Amazon
Best OverallBest Overall
Demon Podium Full Face HelmetBest For: All Type of Rides Number of Vents: 13 Weight: 2 lbsCheck On Amazon
Most DurableMost Durable
Shinmax BC-049 Adult BMX HelmetBest For: MTB, Road, & BMX Number of Vents: 28 Weight: 0.8 lbsCheck On Amazon
Highly RecommendedHighly Recommended
Bell Sanction Adult BMX Bike HelmetBest For: Every type of ride Number of Vents: 15 Weight: 3.05 lbsCheck On Amazon
Most AttractiveMost Attractive
ROCK BROS Kids BMX HelmetBest For: MTB & BMX Number of Vents: 12 Weight: 0.84 lbsCheck On Amazon
Best SellerBest Seller
Troy Lee Designs D3 BMX Cycling HelmetBest For: Every type of ride Number of Vents: 20 Weight: 0.5 lbsCheck On Amazon

1. Outdoor BMX Cycling Helmet

Outdoor BMX Cycling Helmet

Being a dedicated biker and skater is not enough; you need a comfortable, protective, and durable helmet.

The Outdoor master is a prodigious choice with exceptional protection and styling at once. Its inbuilt air vents are supposed to let in the cool breeze and rush away any moisture that accumulates due to hot weather to keep you cool for a longer time.

This continuous passing of air through 12 air vents also helps prevent any unnecessary odor in the helmet. Also, the padding of Outdoor master helmet is removable, which is ideal for people with hygienic concerns, so they can take it off easily after every time they come from skating or BMX.

If we talk about its safety features, it uses a solid ABS construction to give you a full protective shield. However, this helmet is CPSC certified, also using a reinforced she’ll to engulf high impact. Plus, the helmets come in small, medium, and large sizes, so anyone can get their preferable size.

  • Removable lining
  • Wide range of eye-catching colors
  • Prefect breathability
  • Be careful with measurements

2. Triple Eight Certified Sweatsaver Helmet

 Triple Eight Certified Sweatsaver Helmet

The Triple Eight has been a favorite choice among buyers due to its excellent design and good quality.

It meets all the standards presented by the CPSC and ASTM that make sure the helmet is reliable hence put up well with extreme shocks, and will not make you suffer in any matter if you skate around the town or does BMX.

It has an EPS padding that ensures that all the shocks are diminished in time. At the same time, the outer polymer construction provides you a solid shell.

The seven vibrant colors are all eye-pleasing; each color contrasts with the matte exterior to give out a sleek design. The helmet uses a traditional design round to every side because skating often does not require aerodynamic postures.

Triple Eight Sweatsaver Helmet offers a nice fit due to its thin inner padding, which comes installed, whereas the thicker liner is included to make multiple tries until you get dialed for a comfortable ride in long summers.

  • Comply with dual safety certification
  • Available in four different sizes so there’s an option for everyone
  • Adjustable helmet straps with side release buckle
  • Feels slightly uncomfortable after a long usage

3. TurboSke BMX Helmet

 TurboSke BMX Helmet

This helmet is all about saving money but not compromising any of the one considering features. In this race, the TurboSke helmet is worth buying candidates.

The helmet seems to be much reasonable; moreover, it meets all the standards set forth by CPSC.

Talking about its construction, it has an outer ABS shell that acts as an extreme protective gear, whereas the EPS liner installed inside makes sure that your head stays conformable.

However, the good part of this helmet and that appears as an essential consideration is that it features multiple vents without compromising head coverage which means full protection with lots of cooling effect throughout the ride.

The adjustable straps that either by expanding or closes to the head can give to a snug fit. The BMX helmet also performs best in skateboarding, roller skating, and inline skate.

  • Full head coverage with lots of air vents
  • Adjustable straps to get snug fit
  • Hard protective outer shell
  • Be careful with head measurements

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4. WOW Youth Kids BMX Helmet

WOW Youth Kids BMX Helmet

This helmet of WOW youth can get at a very cheaper rate, and still, it is not compromising on features.

Maintaining the same great quality with less price is the reason why people want this helmet anyhow. Its reinforced shell ensures utmost safety, also protecting the head of the rider from harmful UV rays.

The helmet seems to be very lightweight, which means you can take it anywhere with yourself. Its lightweight nature reduces fatigue, while its aerodynamic thermoplastic shell helps it provide long-term service with durability.

The inside of the helmet is made to provide a cushioned feel for increased comfortability. In addition to this, it has a glossy outer appearance to catch people’s attention. The top back and front vents offer an aerodynamic flow that also helps reduce heat.

  • DOT approved helmet
  • It uses an aerodynamic design
  • UV protective and Washable padding
  • Be careful with the size

5. ILM Adult ATV BMX Helmet

ILM Adult ATV BMX Helmet

The ILM dirt helmet is an ideal option for users who want to stay secure and cool while not spending too much money.

It has been constructed with cushion soft interior padding for a comfortable fit and maximizes the safety factor.

The breathability is increased through numerous vents that do not let moisture stay inside the helmet for a long time.

The multiple vents with continuous air passing keep the rider cool; however, the windproof visor is a great option for day riding in scorching summer.

The visor is adjustable and detachable, so whenever you feel the need to not using it during the day, you can easily detach it. Its adjustable straps do a lot of convenience for the user of making multiple adjustments for proper fit.

At the same time, the elastic straps make putting on the helmet a breeze. Its lightweight nature does not let the user get tired after a long ride.

  • FMVSS and DOT certified
  • Quick release buckle for easy wear
  • Fit perfectly due to its elastic nature
  • Bit expensive

6. Demon Podium Full Face Helmet

Demon Podium Full Face Helmet

The thing that assures the helmet is of good quality is the outer shell, and the Demon podium has it all and has become a widely purchased helmet amongst other best full face helmets.

One of the main advantages of having this helmet is that it offers full-face protection. Even if you are at your highest speed, the Demon podium will not let your face get dirty from debris and other foreign material.

Apart from being the full-face helmet, this helmet still feels lightweight, making it easy to carry around with yourself. Thanks to its soft and light EPS liner, which can adjust as per your face’s shape. This helps to achieve a more snug fit.

The features and its qualities are beyond judgment because it fully complies with the standard of CPSC certification. Simultaneously, the 23 vents of these helmets keep away the hot air and let in a sufficient amount of cool air inside the helmet.

  • Various sir vents
  • Adjustable visor
  • Injection molded thermal alloy shell
  • Need thorough head measurement while purchasing this

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7. Shinmax BC-049 Adult BMX Helmet

Shinmax BC-049 Adult BMX Helmet

Shinmax BMX helmet with its ergonomic design offers the riders three different riding options with its adjustable and detachable visor. Technology has revolutionized every department, and so does this department has benefitted from it.

Shinmax Adult BMX helmet uses a LED light function which can be used in three multiple ways, which means use it as an indicator for your mates behind to provide clear direction or remove it to use as a bike headlight for clear vision in the night time.

After a long ride, when the LED light runs out of power, simply recharge it with a USB cable given with this splendid protective gear.

Not only this, it features a pair of goggles to protect your eyes against weather harshness, dust, and other tiny insects. However, if you do not need to use them, simply remove them or pull them up for an unobstructed vision ahead.

However, these extra features do not affect the performance of the helmet. This 77 pounds super lightweight helmet features 28 breathable vents that make sure to pull in cool wind and expels warm air.

  • 28 vents for increased breathability
  • LED light and USB cable
  • Cushioned EPS padding
  • Poor packaging

8. Bell Sanction Adult BMX Bike Helmet

Bell Sanction Adult BMX Bike Helmet

Bell Sanction can be declared as one of the best-selling helmets offered by Bell. If you are a novice into BMX and want to spend in more protective gear, this Bell sanction is the best choice.

It features some noticeable specifications of lightweight, great looking, and unisex.

It features a great and reliable hand-laminated fiberglass shell to keep it more sturdy and light at the same time. This full gear weighs around 2.09 pounds that ensure the easiest wearing, and makes it more endurable.

It is one of the best full-face helmets due to providing legitimate safety to the entire face and head. Its adjustable visor is another additional feature of this helmet. It is up to you if you want to keep it upwards, but it is good if you keep the visor on in those rocky and hard tracks.

  • Great ventilation with 15 breathable vents
  • Durable helmet
  • Offers vast range of colors
  • Pay close attention while measuring the size

9. ROCK BROS Kids BMX Helmet


This would probably the best convertible helmet if we find one. Ideal for those who have been wanting to get something that provides full-face protection but at the same time can be used as a recreational riding helmet.

It is available in two sizes that are small and medium. Small is best suited for users with head measurements in between 48cm to 53 cm, while the medium one can be ideally worn by people whose head measurements reside in between 53cm to 58cm.

Both of the available helmet sizes can easily be adjusted through an adjustable wheel to gain a quick adjustment.

It features 12 vents for enough airflow and to pull the hot air out of the helmet. A large visor helps you protect from immense sun heat and other dirt particles if you are riding in with lots of sand and gravel. The wide range of colors are all worth seeing.

  • Great breathability
  • Wide range of colors
  • Can be easily converted into half face helmet
  • Colors are bit off

10. Troy Lee Designs D3 BMX Cycling Helmet

Troy Lee Designs D3 BMX Cycling Helmet

The Troy lee design D3 helmet has all the necessary and important features in it. With its endless great specifications, it has become the most demanding helmet.

They have raised the bars again ever since they have incorporated their helmets with MIPS technology that gives extra safety against angled impacts.

It uses a fiberglass outer shell that is intended to reduce the helmet’s weight. However, with the 3D cheek pads, your face remains even more comfortable by contouring the shape of your face. At the same time, the adjustable visor keeps away all the blinding lights comings from the sun.

In addition to these features, one more thing that needs to be considered is that it has 20 high flow intakes and exhaust ports that function is to not let the heat from building inside the helmet that ultimately prevents your head from overheating.

  • High flow exhaust ports
  • TLD drawstring is added for quick tossing in the truck
  • 3D cheek pads are added
  • Poor packaging


Fabrication of BMX Helmet

This part plays a major role in knowing how hard and how much shock dispersing abilities it has. Just about every BMX helmet has an EPS lining with an outer sell constructed through poly-carbonate. It does a spectacular job of disseminating high-velocity shocks, making it perfect to be used in helmets.

However, it is important to pay keen attention to the price tag because sometimes the cheaper one wins the race in the quality section. After all, it is not something we can risk.


This category is something for which a very large percentage of people strive. Occasionally, the users pick up the wrong one without measuring your head size, and sometimes it is the manufacturer’s default of not providing the proper sizing instructions.

However, similar to mountain bike helmets that come with a tunable dial to amend the helmet’s size to reach the perfect fit while many of the BMX helmets come with a fixed shell that is then adjusted through different foam pads.

Somehow the manufacturer and the sizing variation chart they offer are useful for some people but not for everyone. Therefore it is important that whoever company you go for must be trusted and reliable.

Helmet Comfort

The comfort of the BMX helmets depends on the inside foam used in them. It is very important to check the material your helmet is constructed with if you are seeking next-level comfort.

In this regard, the EPS foam is perfect for BMX helmets because it has a great ability to disperse high-velocity shocks; not only should it have an EPS but also vital in making sure that it does not cause any trouble and uneasiness while you ride.

Moreover, it is ideal to look for adjustable helmets because it offers you the opportunity to get the tailored fit and increases the protection at every point.

Helmet Material

The best material far known for providing high strength with good shock absorbing abilities is ABS, an acronym for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. Not that the protection from every angle is inevitable, but it put up greatly against corrosive chemicals.

The other option as an essential consideration after ABS is PVC material due to its being given the utmost structural strength to the helmet. Which is then ultimately provides immense safety to all over your skull.


A BMX biking is an ideal exercise intended to increase skills, confidence and provide a feeling of independence. At the same time, it is condemning the utmost gaming addiction of today’s world. It is an effective way to find new trails and practice new stunts. But is not okay to ride a BMX bike without any protective gear.

In these regards, the best BMX helmet are there to help and protect you from potential accidents. These best BMX helmets are a great way to enjoy your ride.

Because they have this great function of keeping you cool with their wide exhaust ports while you choose to ride on hot summer days, nearly all of these helmets feature soft inner EPS lining that saves you from certain impacts and lets you feel a sense of comfortability.

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