Best Full Face Mountain Bike Helmets in 2022 | Top 10 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

You may think that the best full-face mountain bike helmets are considered to be used for professional mountain bike riders only. Whereas going downhill at high speed with your mountain bike is actually a horrible sport that directly increases the risk of getting injured if you mistakenly fall from a steep.

Now here is a question arises that how will you make sure that you are ready and protected to enjoy your trail riding? This is when you need the best full-face bike helmet, and to pick the perfect one for you, we are going to help you out.

The mentioned best full-face bike MTB helmets are completely tested for angled impacts or even some of their lining are washable to prevent your helmet from getting dirty. Not only this all of them fulfils the standards of certain certification like CPSC and DH that make sure your upcoming rides are even safer and protected.

Best Full Face Mountain Bike Helmets in 2022

Scroll through the list below, and with the help of specifications and designs pick the best full-face mountain bike helmet that you will need for your next off-road ride.

List of 10 Best Full Face Mountain Bike Helmets

Best OverallBest Overall
Demon Podium Helmet.jpg
Demon Podium HelmetBest for Every type of ride Number of Vents: 13 Weight: 2.13 lbs.Check On Amazon
Best for AdultsBest for Adults
Bell Super 3R MIPS Full Face MTB Helmet
Bell Super 3R MIPS Full Face MTB HelmetBest For Enduro Number of Vents: 23 Weight: 1.73 lbs.Check On Amazon
Best for WomenBest for Women
Fox Racing Rampage Helmet
Fox Racing Rampage HelmetBest For Enduro Number of Vents: 9 Weight: 2.5 lbs.Check On Amazon
Editors ChoiceEditors Choice
Troy Lee Designs Full Face Helmet
Troy Lee Designs Full Face HelmetBest For Every type of ride Number of Vents: 25 Weight: 3.7 lbs.Check On Amazon
Best for TrailsBest for Trails
IXS Unisex Trigger Full Face Helmet
IXS Unisex Trigger Full Face HelmetBest For Enduro & Trails Number of Vents: 25 Weight: 2.2 lbs.Check On Amazon
Best for Dirt BikeBest for Dirt Bike
ROCK BROS Full Face MTB Helmet
ROCK BROS Full Face MTB HelmetBest For Motocross Number of Vents: 12 Weight: 0.9 lbs.Check On Amazon
Most DurableMost Durable
Smith Optics Mainline FF MTB HELMET
Smith Optics Mainline FF MTB HELMETBest For All-Mountain & Cross Country Number of Vents: 21 Weight: 0.8 lbs.Check On Amazon
Highly RecommendedHighly Recommended
Bell Super Air R MIPS FF Helmet.jpg
Bell Super Air R MIPS FF HelmetBest For Every type of ride Number of Vents: 30 Weight: 1.41 lbs.Check On Amazon
Most AttractiveMost Attractive
Troy Lee Designs D3 MTB Helmet
Troy Lee Designs D3 MTB HelmetBest For Trails Number of Vents: 20 Weight: 3.64 lbs.Check On Amazon
Best SellerBest Seller
Bell Sanction Full Face Helmet
Bell Sanction Full Face HelmetBest For Every type of ride Number of Vents: 15 Weight: 1.87 lbs.Check On Amazon

1. DEMON UNITED Podium Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet

DEMON UNITED Podium Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet

The podium is a budget-friendly and great alternative when it comes to protecting your skull while hitting the up and down hills.

Demon United podium helmet is available in 6 different colors and designs so you can opt for the best that matches your needs and style.

The sleek look helmet has a moveable visor, they offer you an easy-to-read sizing chart that demonstrates everything clearly and helps you determine the ideal size for you.

The helmet weighs around 2 pounds and 2 ounces. With this helmet on your head, you will surely feel comfortable and cool while riding because the 13 large air vents provide sufficient airflow that ultimately prevents the heat from building up inside the helmet.

Another step towards making the rider feel more comfortable and confident is its EPS liner beneath the outer shell. This EPS liner mimics the exact shape of your melon to get the tailored fit and ensures the snug feel on hard trails.

Keeping hygiene and cleanliness in mind, the liner is washable so you can wash it easily whenever your liner is getting grubby. Your skull is fully protected against the angled impacts and rotational forces with the injection molded polycarbonate shell.

  • Integrated MIPS protection
  • 13 massive vents allow cool breeze to pass through the helmet
  • Lightweight polycarbonate protection
  • Does not comply with DH standards

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2. Bell Super 3R MIPS – Best Adult Mountain Bike Helmet

Bell Super 3R MIPS

After reading tons of positive feedback I can confidently say this is the best full-face Helmet. The bell super is ideally made for sudden terrain changes, who love to hit hard on both worlds. The manufacturer figured out after the successes and failures of the super 2R helmet and made some amendments to it and came up with the super 3R.

When the chin bar is attached it weighs around 783g and 433g as with a half lid helmet. It is one of the top of the line convertible helmets that aid the rider to easily switch between the choices whether the rider wants the full-face helmet for going downhill or hitting hard on trails or wants half lid open for recreational rides, in both ways it feels exceptionally comforting.

It features a 23 numerable port for ample airflow and 4 brow ports that are master at their job of keeping the goggles fog free.

Outside the chin bar, it supports a mold polycarbonate shell and a MIPS implanted to accommodate the rider to protect its melon against the rotational forces.

It features the same visor as that the super DH has. The visor dialed in the helmet is extremely adjustable both up and down. It provides longevity protection for your eyes from sun and dirt if you want to ride all day long.

Also, it helps the goggles to fix nicely when climbing hills and put them off the eyes when hitting down hills. There are tension screws on each side of the visor to adjust it without the need for tools.

  • Well ventilated as compare to other helmet
  • Spacious area for goggles
  • Overbrow ventilation to keep cool while the ride
  • Does not comply with DH safety standards

3. Fox Racing Rampage – Best Budget MTB Full Face Helmet

Fox Racing Rampage

According to my experience, Foxracing rampage is the best full face helmet if you’re limited to the budget. Scored highest when we bring our best Full face mountain bike helmet to test.

It comprises some top-of-the-line features which include high-density EPS foam, and improvised technology shell. This is one of the most aggressive styles that seems cool and appealing.

This helmet meets the standard of DH certification that ensures its safety. It uses the unique kind of technology of ABS shell for injection molding that tends to provide increased security to the rider. The drop-down rims in front and around the ears offer exceptional comfort and air crossing.

Though it lacks a MIPS and retention cradle the dual density EPS soaks up all the angled impacts pretty well. While you will see the pretty decent airflow over the head. The helmet construction is inspired by podium-proven rampage pro carbon.

The front mesh vent screen is wider enough to fit your goggles plus provides you super ventilation and airflow. Not only this, but it also prevents you from dirt and debris.

  • Great helmet for the money
  • Super comfortable and light
  • Provides decent airflow
  • The size may run small

4. Troy Lee Designs Stage – Best MTB Downhill Helmet

Troy Lee Designs Stage

Troy Lee’s design stage is also one of the best full-face mountain bike helmets that have been constructed focusing on downhill rides.

This means the frame is built to cope with the timed and mandatory downhill and uphill roughness.

It possesses a versatile range of airflow from the front which is an utmost and most crucial part of the downhill because when you go for a downhill MTB ride, normally you feel decreased in breathing due to low air pressure, so this great DH helmet has an exceptional capability of delivering the ventilation in an uphill course.

This crown-like helmet is only 24.3 ounces in weight and makes you feel as light as a fly in the air. While testing the Troy lee design helmet, we saw this scoring 8 and 9 out of 10 in every category like comfort, ventilation, and weight.

Though this helmet does not meet the standards of the amount of safety it should deliver because its capacity of application is a bit limited to other mountain bike helmets. The amount of comfort it provides has no match with any other helmet. It feels supremely comfortable as soon as you slide your head in it.

  • Great ventilation
  • Ultra lightweight design
  • Appealing look
  • Straps may irritate your ears

5. IXS Unisex Trigger – Best for All-Mountain Rides

IXS Unisex Trigger

The trigger FF helmet can proudly hold the title of being the lightest (weighs 2.2 pounds) and DH-certified helmet on the market.

We could not thank enough the IXS brand for providing this with a great, patented unmold technology which means the shell of it is directly in contact with EPS material in collaboration with a face guard structure fixed in between. This is the reason that made it receive the ASTM and EN certifications.

The chin guard of the trigger FF helmet is propped up by a solid skeleton (also infused) which IXS generally calls it X-Frame. There are also well-placed straps that feel comfortable when you tuck in around your face and give you a pretty cushy feel when touching your skin.

The lid secure is the super popular Fidlock closure you have ever seen in any helmet, coupled with a retention system that provides vertical adjustability of three levels with a twisty screwing-up function.

Normally full-face helmets sound a bit tiring but this open-face look cradle of IXS trigger FF Helmet brings noticeable comfort and makes it wearable all along the day.

  • Lightweight
  • Ensures safety
  • Extremely breathable
  • No rotational impact protectional

6. ROCK BROS Helmet – Best Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet Under $100


Now, this product is not meant to be worn by adult riders but made ideally to be worn by toddlers. The rock bros kid mountain helmet has proved to be an outclass helmet in the perspective of safety and enjoyable trips.

Seems as though the manufacturer were very much keen on emphasizing the sole purpose of the best mountain bike helmet, to make them extra stiffer, ultra-lightweight, and reliable in terms of providing security.

The Rock Bros kid mountain bike helmet comes with an adjustability advantage to perfectly fit the kids both boys and girls of age 3-15 years old.

This toddler helmet weighs 14.4 ounces, and 0.9 pounds. To better protect your head, its stiff outer shell has PVC and EPS liner underneath it.

  • 3 months money back guarantee
  • CE certified helmet
  • Lightweight and stylist design
  • Price is bit higher than other full face helmet

7. Smith Optics Mainline – Best Enduro Mountain Bike Helmet

 Smith Optics Mainline

Creating innovative designs for over 50 years now, they have designed it for high-level users. It seems to be built extremely lightweight in-mold construction along with the entire Koroyd shield which improves skeleton fit and provides better ventilation.

In addition to this, they also add a great feature of MIPS protection which helps the user to be safe and secure in dangerous falls. The MIPS maintains a strong shield all around your head against certain impacts and rotational forces. Based on my experience, Smith Optics Mainline Full Face Helmet is best for Enduro riders.

The Smith mainline features 21 large AirEvac vents with an internal sir channel that seem to do its job greatly which helps reduce warm air inside the helmet and provides continuous airflow inside and outside the helmet. Moreover, it accommodates you to wear your goggles because it has sufficient space to accommodate goggles.

For its exceptional performance in trials, it classifies as the best Enduro MTB helmet and also the lightest full-face helmet. While the big open vent in front of the chin bar allows you to squirt a bottle into it whenever you get thirsty. It also includes three different sizes of cheek pads, 2 different crown liners, and 2 different neck rolls to find the tailor-fit for your ease.

  • No interference in breathing
  • Greatly build
  • Ample space to fit goggles
  • Inner pads can pop out

8. Bell Super Air R MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet

 Bell Super Air R MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet

Delivering the killer performance with an advantage of convertibility helmet to switch between full face helmet for Enduro and gnarly trails and half face helmet if you want to ride moderately around the town.

It features a lightweight and high-class breathability when you sprint to the top of the hills and enjoy the light and airy ride. This helmet is a perfect option for riders who want the full taste of climb and descending on tough terrains.

The features of Super air R MIPS are so alike to bell super DH MIPS the small differences are ports and ventilation. Both the ventilation and weight are of utmost exceptional with impressive versatility, whereas it holds great safety certifications.

It feels snuggly both in half-shell mode and full-face mode with nothing that puts pressure or compresses your head. Without the chain guard, the helmets feel extremely ventilated and comfortable just like a usual trail helmet.

  • Weighs only 640g in medium size
  • CPSC and CE EN 1078 certifications
  • Integrated breakaway for the camera mount
  • No extra pads are added

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9. Troy Lee Designs D3 Full Face Helmet

Troy Lee Designs D3 Full Face Helmet

The Troy lee design D3 equally provides a performance-oriented comfortable and valuable ride. Whereas there are various least priced helmets on the market but we feel this is nearly a perfect fusion of performance and price.

Gives you a confident and robust feel with its innovatively designed models.

It embodies top-of-the-line features in its fiberglass shell at a pretty decent price. While there are numerous well-ventilated and lightweight helmets out there but this fiber lite helmet feels extremely light and offers you comfortable and ventilation in more than one way.

The comfort of D3 has no match that delivers quite a snuggly and confident ride. The interior padded liner of D3 provides you with a plush feel which is soft and comfy against your head. The place where your ears fit is fine but not as spacious as other helmets are.

Troy Lee Designs D3 Full Face Helmet weighs around 43 ounces which feels a bit heavier but we do not see it as a noticeable problem because the main purpose of this helmet is quite visible.

  • Extremely comfortable
  • The price is pretty reasonable
  • Large air vents
  • No MIPS protection is added

10. Bell Sanction – Best Cheap Full Face MTB Helmet

Bell Sanction Adult Full Face Bike Helmet

This pick is pretty decent in looks and an inexpensive product. If you have just entered into bicycling and want to spend your money on a more reliable and protective helmet. Then this Bell Sanction is your thing.

As this helmet is made keeping the rider’s safety in mind it has incorporated a high profile design and overlaid ABS shell as a base to keep the weightless as much as possible.

The weight of this protective gear is just 850g and 1.87 pounds making it easier to wear and bear during extended hours of riding.

The CPSC certification promises you to secure your skull and your face from serious injury in case of a terrible accident and dangerous fall from steep. The 15 large air vents maximize the airflow and help prevent warm air from generating in the helmet.

  • CN EN 1078 certified helmet
  • Adjustable visor
  • Inexpensive helmet
  • Proven to stop heavy impacts
  • Size chart may not be accurate

Buying Guide

Mountain bike helmets are specified in their job build with the purpose to protect the rider’s skull from a dangerous crash. They tend to appear extremely ventilated even when you are riding at a slow pace.

More often they come with a visor sometimes adjustable to accommodate the rider to stay safe from dirt, sun, and sand particles that can get into your eyes when you go at high speed.

Some of these helmets are half-shell helmets with full rear head coverage, while some of these are full-face mountain bike helmets with a chin guard wrapped around your face. These types of helmets can be a great choice for downhill mountain biking and sometimes for recreational park riding.

Below here, we have jotted down some crucial factors that every mountain bike helmet must have in them.

How To Choose The Right Mountain Bike Helmet For You

When you plan to purchase an MTB helmet there are two different kinds of it that would come into your sight. First comes the open face helmet that mimics the same traditional road bike helmet they actually are more lightweight, improve aerodynamics, and provides absolute coverage to the side and rear portion of your head.

Unlike road bike helmets, mountain bike helmets are also made with EPS liner that is gummed to a hardcore outer shell.

On the contrary, these full-face MTB helmets are ideally made for downhill rides or any other riding at high speed where the chance of injury is increased. Full face helmet styles provide full coverage to your ear, jaws, cheeks, and chin as well.

However, these models appear to be a bit heavier than half-shell helmets, although they are constructed with high-end light material such as carbon fiber. Being a complicated design these helmets can sometimes be a little pricier due to they offer you a choice to modify your safety shield which encompasses safety components such as neck braces.

Best Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet Buying Guide

1- Comfort Level

Comfort is often the first important feature in a mountain bike helmet. If somehow it does not make you feel comfortable when wearing this on your skull, there is a possibility that you might start to omit it.

The sizes of the helmet are usual as other products offer you which are small, medium, and large. But there is a likelihood that maybe they offer you an extra-large size but this can only be possible when you shop from an expensive and known brand. However, there are some unknown brands that offer only one size and this is something that needs to be avoided.

2. Weight

As far as the weight is concerned, a rider must be very keen on what he/she is getting or when weight is his/her prime priority. Most of the bike helmets seem to be very lightweight and usually made with EPS liner and sometimes with expanded polystyrene encrust with an outer hard shell.

Generally, a mountain bike helmet will only be of good quality when its two layers are firmly bonded together. Helmets with such construction tend to be more lightweight and robust and made to last long.

While those of cheaply made helmet gum or tape the outer shell with inner EPS liner. These kinds of helmets do not last long and split in half after a small period.

3. Safety

The hard outer shell and various interior foam lining with the aim to soak rotational impacts occur at different velocities. However, the best and most known MIPS protection.

According to research MIPS helmets decrease rotational acceleration by 22 percent in comparison to EPS-only Helmets. Such helmets are more reliable than those without MIPS.

4. Ventilation

Another most crucial thing is ports or vents responsible to maximize the airflow and providing a cool effect to the rider’s head. Typically the mountain bike helmets have intake and exhaust vents to transmit ample air through vents in order to regulate the temperature of the helmet. Nicely and cleverly made vents can help to decrease the weight and improve outer appearance.

5- Brim (Visor)

It is usually a flat front shade with the purpose to protect the rider’s eyes from the scorching heat of sun, mud, and sand particles. The visor must be adjustable up to some positions for preferable adjustability. However, flexible and breakaway visors can really help the user in terms of safety by not being twisted in crashes.

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In today’s world, you will get to see various types of best full face mountain bike helmets in distinct styles, models, and eye-catching hues. As though these full face MTB helmets are very crucial for your safety in case you meet a dangerous fall, they will aid you to protect your skull from high shocks and impacts.

However, when you plan to spend your money on a mountain bike helmet it is necessary to evaluate what kind of riding you will be doing.

When you will know about riding style, ultimately it will help you to look for the features you want in your helmet. Another most important thing when you buy your first helmet, keep remembering that your safety is a prime factor therefore never buy any helmet for its appealing look unless you are sure about your purchase to be a helmet that meets the standards of certain certifications.

So, make up your decision and buy the Best Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet according to your needs and requirements.”


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