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Best Hybrid Bike Under 500 dollars

If you have been thinking about finding a new hybrid bike within a budget of $500, you’d definitely want to check out our detailed review about best hybrid bikes under $500.

Hybrid bikes are the result of the intermixing of features of road and mountain bikes. At once, you would be confused about hybrid bike because its features are a lot more alike to both mountain and road bikes.

The major difference to know about hybrid bikes is that it has a frame lighter than a mountain bike and similar to road bikes because they are not meant to take on rough road conditions. It has an upright straight handlebar just as in mountain bikes. Its lightweight frame appears to be the best option for the novice cyclist.

Today, nearly most of the consumers find these hybrid bikes worth buying because it functions incredibly on-road riding, for long and short commuters and recreational ridings.

For us, your satisfaction is the first priority, so for that reason, we have here our top picks that are actually chosen from the FIVE STAR RATING. So without thinking a second, rush into our ranking and choose the hybrid bike of your desire.

List of Top 10 Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500

Best OverallBest Overall
sixthreezero EVRYjourneyFrame:Aluminium Weight:38 lbs Gears:21 SpeedCheck On Amazon
Editor’s ChoiceEditor’s Choice
sixthreezero Around The BlockFrame:Steel Weight:34 lbs Gears:3, 7, and 21-speedCheck On Amazon
Best AffordableBest Affordable
Schwinn GTX Adult Hybrid BikeFrame:Aluminium Weight:45 lbs Gears:21 SpeedCheck On Amazon
Best for MenBest for Men
sixthreezero Men’s Beach BikeFrame:Steel Weight:36 lbs Gears:Single speedCheck On Amazon
Most DurableMost Durable
Firmstrong Urban Hybrid BikeFrame:Steel Weight:30 lbs Gears:1, 3, and 7 SpeedCheck On Amazon
Most ComfortableMost Comfortable
EVRYjourney Single Speed BikeFrame:Aluminium Weight:38 lbs Gears:Single SpeedCheck On Amazon
Most AttractiveMost Attractive
sixthreezero In The Barrel Hybrid BikeFrame:Steel Weight:28 lbs Gears:1, and 7 SpeedCheck On Amazon
Best for WomenBest for Women
sixthreezero Women’s Beach BicycleFrame:Steel Weight:34 lbs Gears:Single, 3, and 7-speedCheck On Amazon
Best DurableBest Durable
Schwinn VolareFrame:Aluminium Weight:26 lbs Gears:21 speedsCheck On Amazon
Most CheapMost Cheap
Hiland Hybrid BikeFrame:Aluminum Weight:28 lbs Gears:24 speedsCheck On Amazon

1. EVRYjourney Step-Through Hybrid Bike

1. EVRYjourney Step-Through Hybrid Bike

This SIXTGREEZERO EVRYjourney is all ready to distract your attention with its vintage look. This bike works as a healer even for the ones who have multiple injuries and wants to be fit without letting their wounds ache, then this would be worth buying.

It has a foot-forward design that keeps your back straight and lets your legs fully stretch for an optimal pedaling.

The frame is a low swooping aluminum that is super light in weight, and one can stand over the stand for the easy mounting and dismounting. It fits best with both men and women conveniently.

The frame is provided with a soft cushion dual spring wide saddle that is gentle on your body. Even after riding for straight 10 miles, you wouldn’t feel any soreness in your buts. Its geometry aids rider having height 5ft to 6ft.

You can bring it to everywhere else you want either for cruising on the beach or for commuting around the town because the bike is facilitated with Shimano 7 speed external derailleur to conquer various road types.

It’s facilitated with handbrakes that function incredible and gives a quick stop on command. Its 2-inch semi slick tires provide brilliant rolling on the flat grounds. It’s delivered 80% pre-assembled.

Extra features:

  • It comes with a complete rear rack for use with optional panniers, baskets, and other accessories.
  • Matching fender that saves you from rain and debris.
  • Swooping aluminum frame for easy entry on and off the bike
  • Foot forward seat and pedal position
  • Brown synthetic comfy leather saddle and grips
  • Assembling might be a hassle

2. SIXTHREEZERO Around the Block Hybrid Bike

SIXTHREEZERO Around the Block Hybrid Bike

SIXTHREEZERO company started form a small garage, and soon they managed to build a warehouse in 2005 in Southern California, and after some time, they moved to Torrance, California, and this is where the warehouse is located till today.

Our second hybrid is from the same company as the first bike was. This bike would be the best option for casual jaunts of 20 miles. Around the block has a very vast range of rider.

It has a gleaming 17-inch steel frame which has noticeable things on it like a soft foam grip around the handlebars, a 26 inch 2.125-inch wide aluminum wheels with large waffle tread tires on it that gives a smooth rolling on different road types.

Moreover, the geometry has a dual spring comfortable seat and upright riding style that assures your body to be relaxed through the long rides.

Around The Block offers you plenty of riding range from a long commute to leisure riding to short commute, for the bike is equipped with 7-speed Shimano external hub that doesn’t bound to a single road type.

Also, the bike is secured with a chain guard so your pant cuff wouldn’t be stuck while riding There are some extra blacked-out components that added style like a rear rack for the basket and other accessories.

  • Around The Block is the FIT FOR ALL bike
  • Waffle tread tires for smooth rolling
  • Perfect for leisure ridings
  • Takes some time in assembling

3. SIXTHREEZERO Women’s Beach Hybrid Bike

 SIXTHREEZERO Women's Beach Hybrid Bike

You may have suffered a lot because of costly trials and errors, but this brand is something that one can easily rely with his/her eyes off.

SIXTHREEZERO is working on the betterment of their services since 2005. The best part of this brand is that their frames are ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL means that they can fit easily to a variety of heights of riders.

Womens cruiser bike features a 17-inch glossy frame that is constructed with keeping your comfort in mind. The frame fits perfectly for riders ranging in height 5 foot, 4 inches to 6 foot, 4 inches.

It has an upright riding style that contours your posture perfectly. The frame is best for casual jaunts and boardwalks. The bike comes with 1-speed gear shifting because it is actually meant for riding on a paved surface.

It is facilitated with a dual spring cushioned saddle that keeps your body comfortable even on jumps. It is crafted with a crank mechanism for smooth riding across all paths and on hard-packed dirt. In addition, it also offers matching fenders.

The 26-inch wheels fitted with balloon tires that give you extra smooth rolling across many paths. Womens Cruiser is available in many eye-catching colors, but one that is displayed in our ranking is of SCHOLAR CREAM that becomes more attractive when sun rays strike on it.

  • Perfect for Broadwalk
  • Balloon tires for smooth rolling
  • Upright riding style frame
  • Arrives compactly packed and cant get into the box again

4. SIXTHREEZERO Mens Beach Cruiser Bike

 SIXTHREEZERO Mens Beach Cruiser Bike

This pick is again from the same brand SIXTHREEZERO and probably the same model AROUND THE BLOCK. This brand might be the best selling of SIXTHREEZERO because of its categories, both men and women versions.

The only difference between men and womens bikes is the frame size and gear shifters. The womens beach cruiser offers a 17-inch steel frame while the mens bench cruiser comes with a 19-inch durable steel frame.

When it comes to gears, the womens bike is facilitated with 7-speed Shimano internal hub while the mens bike is facilitated with the 3-speed Shimano internal hub with easy to use Nexus shifters that make easier to cover a long distance and moderate hills handling.

  • Best for beach cruising
  • Easy to use Nexus shifter
  • Around the block is a fit for all
  • Makes faint clicking sound while pedaling

5. Firmstrong Urban Single Speed Hybrid Bike

 5. Firmstrong Urban Single Speed Hybrid Bike

The Firmstrong Mens Bicycle is designed especially for the comfort of the riders with its head-turner look and marvel speed and undeniably relaxing ride.

The geometry is facilitated with plenty of exceptional features that include a shiny, rust resisting 17-inch steel frame which offers 26-inch aluminum wheels, acting as an invisible shield to the tires.

Moving to its 2.125-inch tires that helps in resisting hurdles and bumps in the bikers way and acts as a cushion to provide the rider a smooth and bump resisting ride.

It have easy to use coaster brakes, which can be effective as well as efficient when it comes to emergencies. Being a single speed bike, it is still able to serve you in many road types regardless of its conditions.

Its saddle is constructed in such a way that it provides support to the rider while that rider can enjoy his ride without worrying about the convolution of riding a cruiser bike. Its wide foamy handlebars make sure a tight grip around it. Lastly, the frame is made for the riders of height 5 feet and 4 inches to 6 feet and 2 inches tall.

  • Coaster brakes
  • 36 spoke rims, front and back
  • 26-inch aluminum wheels
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Being a steel frame, it can be a bit heavy

6. EVRYjourney Men’s Single Speed Hybrid Bike

 EVRYjourney Men's Single Speed Hybrid Bike

The very first thing that clicks in our mind after we see its name EVRYjourney, i.e., it is designed to take on many trails. The bike has designed to give maximum comfort in every trail condition.

The aluminum city frame promises to give you a smooth and comfortable ride. The geometry accommodates rider in more than one way. Its upright riding position leaves the riders back straight and shoulders relaxed and prevents aching when covering long-distance commutes, while the foot forward style gives a proper leg extension and makes the pedaling easier

Its aluminum city frame riveted with a cushioned dual-spring saddle that holds a high-density support foam. The curve comfortable handlebars have a Multi-option speed (7-speed) in one handlebar while the front and rear handbrakes on the other.

The 26-inch wheel supports a 1.95-inch wide whitewall semi-slick tires for a frictionless smooth rolling on many road conditions.

It allows riders to cover up to 30 miles on a single trip and speed up to 30 mph. The EVRYjourney is sized for a rider of height up to 5 feet to 6 feet and 4 inches.

Moreover, the bike come with matching fenders and a rear rack.

  • Lightweight
  • Foot forward position
  • Comfortable seat and riding position
  • Brakes are bit uncomfortable

7. SIXTHREEZERO Barrel Beach Hybrid Bike

 SIXTHREEZERO Barrel Beach Hybrid Bike Beach Hybrid Bike

The appealing yet low-profile 18 inches extended steel frame looks cooler when in front of your sight. It offers you both dazzling looks and comfort that one could ask for.

The “In The Barrel Beach bike slows down all the blissful moments so that you can take the maximum of enjoying.

The frame designed with ultra-careful features especially crafted crankset incorporates with foot-forward pedaling for smooth and easy rolling all the time.

The head-turner geometry that gives anyone a tailored feel is facilitated with an extra-wide, cushy saddle with dual spring that deadens the intensive shock.

Following the tail, Sixthreezero hybrid bike has a thicker cross tube that gives both robust and mellow look at once. This hybrid bike comes with a 1, 3, or 7-speed gear option, but this bike is 1-speed, which means it is ideal for casual jaunts, riding around your neighbors, and recreational riding on paved terrains.

It has backward coaster brakes for efficient stopping in rough conditions. Its handlebars are made in such a way that contours your body perfectly and give an upright position for easy riding.

The 26-inch wheel facilitated with balloon tires around it, which provides easy rolling and extra comfort to your everyday ride.

The bike is constructed for the riders from 5 feet, 4 inches to 6 feet, 4 inches tall, and available with plenty of saddle colors and matching grips.

  • Ideal for everyday commuting
  • 18 inch extended steel frame
  • Extra-wide cushy saddle
  • Being a steel frame, it can be a bit heavy

8. Schwinn GTX Adult Hybrid Bike

Schwinn GTX Adult Hybrid Bike

Schwinn GTX Adult Hybrid bicycle is just a joy to ride and would surely compel you to come back to cycling. And once you start riding it, then you wouldn’t stay long off the bike.

It is a blend of simplicity with a modern feel that features a thick cross-bar with an extended 19-inch matte finish steel frame that gives 4-inch space between the rider and handlebars for a better arm extension and a good riding experience.

The brand offers plenty of color choices with rims in contrast, and each rim color stands out really well against the frame color.

The frame configuration has designed meticulously to make this smoothly glide across the riding area. No matter what route you choose to ride, it just makes sure you will have an unforgettable riding experience every time everywhere. The handlebars are wide with synthetic leather grip.

It has a 700C aluminum wheel with 2.125 inches wide grippy black matte finish tires deaden intensive shocks, and provide effortless riding. The beefy geometry features a cushioned oversized saddle with double coil spring that ensures you have a smooth and relaxed ride all the time.

You can ride a 20-mile riding distance with speed 3 to 15 MPH. Being a single speed, it has coaster brakes, so whenever you want a quick stopping, just pedal backward. The bikes weight capacity is 350 lbs.

The bike is designed for the riders of height 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 4 inches tall. It offers fenders to prevent water and other dirt splashes on you. Moreover, the chain is secured to protect your pant cuff from getting caught.

  • 16-20 inch aluminum frame
  • Schwinn Suspension Fork
  • Provides 4-inch space between you and handlebars
  • Over sized seat with dual coil spring
  • The frame is a bit heavy

9. Schwinn Volare Adult Hybrid Road Bike

9. Schwinn Volare Adult Hybrid Road Bike

By the passing time, the Schwinn is improving its old technology into some innovative technology. And this Volare 1300 mens bike is something that wouldn’t get away from your mind easily.

The perfect blend of thin tires and lightweight frame makes it supremely easy to get moving on the terrain. And a bike with such features and this price rate is already a plus.

As we all know, that frame plays a vital role in good riding experience. And this can only be possible when the bike is constructed with the aluminum frame because it is light in weight and sturdy than a steel frame.

Volume1300 Hybrid Bike is built with an aluminum road frame with a rigid fork that supplies a quick and comfortable ride no matter what path you ride, whether it is a city, rocky terrain, gravel roads, and what so ever, you would always get a smooth ride.

The best part of this bike that makes it worthy of try is its drop handlebars, which means aerodynamic posture. Riding on a flat surface is all fine until you choose to move up on the hills.

Because moving to a height not only decreases your speed, but your 90% of the power goes into getting over the air resistance, and that sounds quite exhausting. And this is what Volare 1300 has in their mind. It features a drop handlebar that makes it easy to get more aerodynamic posture for a relaxed and fastest ride.

The 14-speed bike and Shimano A050 shifter incorporated with Shimano rear derailleur for a quick gear change. To enhance the safety measures they have equipped this bike with alloy caliper brakes that accommodates wheel to lock at any speed.

The 28-inch wheels are supported by high double-wall alloy rims for a durable and responsive ride, with 28c road tires around it for a fast and smooth-rolling across many terrains. For a cushioned feel, it has Schwinn sport saddle with alloy seat post offering you a lightweight and efficient performance.

  • Gear switching is smooth
  • High-quality components at low price
  • Drop handlebars
  • The seat can be hard if you ride for long time

10. Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike

Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike

The speed like a mountain bike in a hybrid bike is something that sounds really surprising, isn’t it?

Yes, this bike is 24 speeds, which means plenty of speed choices. Generally, hybrid bikes are designed for paved surface and often facilitated with 1-speed or 3-speed, but this Vilano diverse has 24-speed, which means you can sometimes take it for off-road riding, for climbing hills that are not very high and rough.

The frame is hydroformed aluminum and fork which is super stiff and durable and allows a rider to explore many roads. The bike size they often offer aid most of the riders of height 5 feet 5 inches to 6 feet 4 inches tall.

The Shimano disc brakes are made to improve stopping power in any road condition, so whenever you come across any hurdle that needs a quick stopping, then this will help you to get a quick stop without losing your joy.

You don’t need to worry much about inclines and declines because these are facilitated with easy to use Shimano EF 51 3/8 speed shifters with 24 gears that raise your riding power and works flawlessly even in rain and snow conditions.

The resilient 700c rims will help you to maintain your pace in rough roads and in big shocks. The straight handlebars help to maintain the upright posture so that you can ride for long without being exhausted.

It somehow specifies the terrain due to its narrow width. But this Kenda 700c by 35c tires functions responsively and efficiently on roads. It is provided with a triple crankset and replaceable chainrings.

  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • High profile disc Brakes
  • Shimano shifter incorporates with the brake lever
  • Wallet-friendly bike
  • Gear adjusting can be a hassle


Do you know why and how hybrid bikes fall towards the mountain bike side? Let me reveal this amazing fact. It is generally because their wheel size is 26 inches, commonly seen in most mountain bikes that tend to be used more off-road.

They are a perfect integration of a standard road bike and a mountain bike, picking the best of features from both to invent a ride that is perfect for inner-city travel and daily commuter. What is making them exceptional amongst the other bikes is that they often have straight handlebars that create a perfectly upright posture and never let your torso ache.

There is a crucial fact to know about hybrid bikes that they are jacked to all terrains, whereas these hybrid bike’s expertise is not specified to any. For someone who loves to experience both courses, it can be a great deal for them.

Consequently, these hybrid bikes are best for daily commutes, leisure ride, and broad walks. Another feature for which we liked these hybrid bikes so much is its geometry that it aids most of the riders with different heights.

In this rundown, we have placed here our top 10 best hybrid bikes under 500 dollars. You wouldn’t be bewildered of which bike to choose because here, our every pick is from the reviewers with 90% of good ratings.

So you don’t need to worry about these hybrid bikes quality because it is obvious that these hybrid bikes have something unique in them that 99% of buyers have rated them as high stars.

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