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Best Mountain Bikes Under $200 in 2022

Not everyone has a budget to buy an expensive mountain bike. There is a huge percentage of people who daily look for the best mountain bike under 200 dollars. Because they are friendly to budget, it helps you save a lot of your hard-earned money. If you are one of them, then surely you must put a glance at this article.

It does not matter if you are a money saver or an extravagant person because if your wish is to get a great mountain bike that could give the playful journey over climbs and inclines, even then the listed best mountain bikes under 200 dollars would be perfect for you.

We have researched well on different cycling forums, Facebook groups, and people reviews on E-commerce stores to compare expensive mountain bikes and mountain bikes under 200 dollars and came to a shocking conclusion that the fancy appearance and packaging of the bike is a reason behind more and more sales of most of the expensive bikes.

Whereas, these best mountain bikes under 200 dollars are slightly behind some exorbitant mountain bikes in terms of packaging and hue selection while functionality, efficiency, and the parts installed in them are nearly the same.

List of 9 Best Mountain Bikes Under $200

Best for Adults Under $200Best for Adults Under $200
BalanceForm Youth Mountain BikeFrame:Steel Gearing: 21 speed Weight: 24 lbsCheck On Amazon
Best OverallBest Overall
Roadmaster Granite Mountain BikeFrame: Steel Gearing: 18 Speeds Weight: 40.8 lbsCheck On Amazon
Best Street MTB Under $200Best Street Bike Under $200
Dynacraft Firestorm BMX Street/Dirt BikeFrame:Steel Gearing:7 Speed Weight:33.29 lbsCheck On Amazon
Best Men’s Mountain BikeRoadmaster Granite Peak Mountain BikeFrame:Steel Gearing:18 Speed Weight:38 lbsCheck On Amazon
Best Aluminum MTB Under $200Best Aluminum MTB Under $200
Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Mountain BikeFrame: Aluminum Gearing:21 Speed Weight: 50.15 lbsCheck On Amazon
Editor’s ChoiceEditor’s Choice
Huffy Women Trail Mountain BikeFrame: Steel Gearing:18 Speed Weight: 36 lbsCheck On Amazon
Best Full Suspension MTB Under $200Best Full Suspension MTB Under $200
CycleForce Dual Suspension Mountain BikeFrame:Steel Gearing:18 Speed Weight: 39 lbsCheck On Amazon
Best Budget Mountain BikeBest Budget Mountain Bike
Huffy Nighthawk Men’s Mountain BikeFrame: Steel Gearing: 18 Speed Weight: 35 PoundsCheck On Amazon
Best Hardtail Mountain Bike Under $200Best Hardtail Mountain Bike Under $200
SupremeSaver Next Comfort BikeFrame: Steel Gearing:7 Speed Weight: 40 lbsCheck On Amazon
Best Kids Mountain BikeBest Kids Mountain Bike
Mongoose Exlipse Mountain BikeFrame:Steel Gearing:21 Speed Weight:44 lbsCheck On Amazon

1. Balancefrom-Youth and Adult Mountain Bike

Balancefrom-Youth and Adult Mountain Bike

The Balancefrom mountain bike is all set to hit the XC course with its popping up gloomy yellow tinge, which catches people’s gaze from wherever you take your bike to.

The rigid and robust steel constructed body enables you to set up for a perfect climbing position to deliver high-quality performance.

The bike is considered ideal for entry-level and adult riders. In terms of performance, the Balancefrom MTB tends to provide a playful and energetic ride on various roads.

The improved model of Balancefrom has enhanced capabilities of both downhill and uphill with added stability over speed.

The 26-inch wheel has increased traction on trails, making it equally skilled on rowdy sections as it tends to be on flats. The 2.25-inch tires possess all-terrain capabilities with smooth-rolling or hard course; it enables you to hit the surges with confidence.

It offers a perfect riding position to the riders who have heights between 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 2 inches. The 3 into 7-speed shifters with rear derailleur possesses a top-notch quality of providing easy gear changes. Simultaneously, mechanical disc brakes offer you the safest ride in emergency and harsh weather conditions.

  • Double-walled rims for added lightweight and strength
  • Durable steel frame
  • Multiple speeds for various courses
  • The saddle is not comfy, might need replacement

Always make sure to choose the right bike saddle to prevent numbness

2. Roadmaster Granite 24-Inch Mountain Bike

Roadmaster Granite 24-Inch Mountain Bike

This mountain bike is designed with a vintage look and holds all the first-class features of the best mountain bike under 200 dollars.

The Roadmaster mountain bike has all the high-end features at a pretty reasonable price that usually an expensive mountain has.

At first, you will be amused by its outclass performance. The Shimano rear derailleur and 18-speed twist shifters give out an enormous speed and let you explore the higher end of climbs. Its gleaming blue and black contrast stands out really well and a prime reason for attraction for most buyers.

The adjustable saddle has a huge impact on your safety. With its adjustable saddle, you can find the perfect bike fit for yourself that will automatically ensure your safety on certain rugged terrains.

The most crucial factor for any biker is to have a grip over the surface for an excellent performance, which you can quickly get with the grippy and sturdy tires of Roadmaster Granite Peak Mountain Bike.

The steel frame feels a bit heavy, but at the same time, it provides extra velocity and uplifts your ride efficiency. On the other hand, the steel frame is agile and sturdier and can easily hold up your heavyweight.

  • Double-walled alloy rims
  • Adjustable seat post for height adjustments
  • Comes mostly pre-assembled
  • Instructions are difficult to interpret

3. Dynacraft Firestorm BMX Street/Dirt Bike

3. Dynacraft Firestorm BMX Street/Dirt Bike

So our this pick is the cheapest yet the most preferable mountain bike amongst other bikes. Despite being the least priced bike in best mountain bikes under $200, the buyers desperately want Dynacraft mountain bike to be one of them. The reviews it has got unveils the truth.

When we judged it for functionality and outer look, the Dynacraft MTB has beaten all the top-notch and expensive mountain bikes.

A solid steel frame makes it super durable and ensures unmatchable performance throughout the journey. The solid frame and suspension enable it to withstand the roughness.

To get a more convenient ride, the manufacturer has installed it with an exceptional kind of brake for bumpy terrains, and emergency, both rear and front brakes are linear-pull brakes. Your little champ can take and ride it anywhere he wants.

The dynamic and versatile white frame and black tires of this mountain bike help it become the center of attraction for every beholder. Its 7-speed option makes it ideal for riding it around your neighborhood.

On the other hand, the purchase of this bike is an excellent deal for your money. It offers a lifetime warranty for frame and fork and two years warranty on parts. The 20-inch wheel is ideal for riders with a height of 4 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 3 inches.

  • Best Street and dirt bike
  • Stabled ride
  • Durable and safe ride
  • Assembly instructions are not very clear

4. Roadmaster Granite Peak Mountain Bike

Roadmaster Granite Peak Mountain Bike

After spending days and nights researching, we found a very sturdy and inexpensive new bike available anywhere.

One big reason for adding the same brand two times is that we heard from a mechanic saying that the given manual is the best and provides clear instructions that are very easy to interpret.

Another reason for Roadmaster praised is that it comes to your doorstep fully preassembled, which makes it a perfect mountain under 200 for beginners.

Nothing will be surprising if you notice some masculine features because the bike is ideally constructed for boys. 24 inch Roadmaster is an all-around mountain bike that could be ridden nearly on every path from the rugged unpaved path to cruising around the street; on both paths, it ensures an easy and comfortable ride.

The well-built and ruggedly designed steel constructed frame supports a front suspension fork, enabling it to boost its performance.

Moreover, the tires are supremely excellent one could get. The knobby tread tires are master at sticking on the ground firmly no matter what surface you choose to ride.

Whereas the absolute quality is what made it stand out among many on the market. The appearance is seemingly attractive and impressive. You can ride it with confidence without fear of being judged for riding an average looking mountain bike.

Furthermore, the 18-speed twist shifters are another outclass attribute that enables the bike to run at high speed, and the rear derailleur allows maximum shifting and easy handling on trails.

  • Three-piece crank for durability
  • Tool-free adjustable seat post for easy height adjustments
  • Precise stopping with front and rear linear-pull brake
  • The saddle may need replacement

5. Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Mountain Bike

Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Mountain Bike

If you are among the ones who adore enjoying the outdoors, adventures, and climbs, then the perfect mountain bike is right in front of your gaze.

If you are a novice rider and want a bike to take you from one point to another safely and comfortably and at the same time you do not want to spend too much money, then you must have a look at this product review.

Coming down to its components, it features a versatile and durable frame that is solely responsible for giving your ride a boosting performance. The material of the frame is a prime factor in any bike.

Once you buy a poor frame bike, your ride will be troublesome and unenjoyable, so for this reason, the constructors decided to use an aluminum frame that is both lightweight and sturdy. Whereas the full suspension system is meant to provide you a stable and supportive ride that you actually want.

The suspension fork has a remarkable ability to decrease vibrations and shock so that you can get maximum control over the ride. Mongoose ledge also offers you a perfect gearing system that includes a Shimano rear derailleur, three crankset pieces for exceptional gearing. For a more fast ride, it is facilitated with 21-speed so that you can ride freely on a rough path.

For convenient shifting within the gears, it has twist shifters for precise gear changes.

  • Quality wheelset
  • Wide range of gears
  • Front suspension performs greatly
  • Poor delivery packaging

6. Huffy Women’s Trail Runner Mountain Bike

6. Huffy Women's Trail Runner Mountain Bike

A bike that claims to provide mega riding fun is just one click away. If anyone of you wants to have a well-performing and cost-effective mountain bike, then Huffy trail runner mountain bike is what you should give a try.

Although the bike is up for grabs at the very least price, its aluminum frame construction is way sturdier than you have ever seen.

Knowing the fact that construction like this makes the mountain bike more lightweight and reliable to ride all the way around. You will find this great product available in some vibrant colors and flexible sizes that make it the perfect version of a mountain bike, and that is behind its high demand.

It has facilitated with dual disc brakes that simultaneously ensure the biker’s safety to offer you a smooth and responsive brake experience. It owns the front suspension and has a supreme capability to absorb various bumps while heading to climbs.

What is wrong when you are getting such amazing specifications in this price range? The diameter of 26 inches of wheels supports 1.95 inches rugged tires made for riding on all kinds of terrains.

The 18-speed index shifters always provide easy shifting combined with Shimano rear derailleur for a smooth and stable ride. Alloy linear-pull brakes and a 3-piece crank are always to offer you superior performance.

  • Well-constructed body
  • Ideal for both trails and around the neighbor
  • Comfortable saddle with contrast stitching
  • Brakes may need some tuning

7. CycleForce Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

 CycleForce Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

The CycleForce MTB is the most stylish, eye compelling, and more you will get to see the best of the craftsmanship of it in this decent price range.

The bike itself seems very durable and well welded. You will not regret buying this because it serves well all of your needs in a hilly area and daily riding.

The high-end features it has equipped with are the utmost reason for its attraction. The steel frame is used in its construction, which makes it extremely stable over the rides. Ruggedly made dual-suspension and fork add a great feature of smooth riding experience both on trial and paved surface.

Another great feature of this bike is its outclass drivetrain, which encompasses 18-speed twist shifters with an unbelievably smooth, integrated with a well-functioning 3-piece crank assures the reliability and good performance of the bike.

Highly durable alloy rims support the 26-inch wheel and 1.95-inch mix terrain tires. Its braking system is what a bike is supposed to have. Cycle force mountain bike provides you the linear-pull brakes responsible for delivering the firm and smooth stopping whenever you come across to emergency.

  • Black glossy and appealing frame
  • Feels lightweight even though it is steel constructed bike
  • Easy and comfortable handling
  • May need extra time in handlebars adjustment

8. Huffy Nighthawk Men’s Mountain Bike

 Huffy Nighthawk Men's Mountain Bike

This pick is another most affordable mountain bike in our best mountain bike under 200$ list. Besides, what is good about this bike is that the bike’s manufacturer did not compromise its functionality and features.

Unlike other Huffy bikes are constructed with steel material, this is also available with a well-welded steel frame that, together with 3 piece crank, ensure the safe ride as a reliable construction of frame offers.

What is special about this bike is that I can take you anywhere at a much faster speed than any other mountain bike with the least price does. Which solely due to the large 26 inches tread tires the Huffy brand installed with it. The type of construction done in Huffy nighthawk often helps the bike cope with slippery and muddy surfaces efficiently.

You can get accurate and responsive stopping when needed because it is facilitated with surprisingly excellent brakes. All-over the bike is an outstanding deal for the money and can get along well with some serious mountain bikers who want long-term efficient performance. The ATB grips offer a comfortable feel and style.

Spacious ATB Resin mountain bike pedals offer a perfect fit and grip to you.

  • Great drivetrain system includes 18-speed, smooth shifting, and rear Shimano index derailleur
  • High-performance disc brakes
  • Durable matte look frame
  • Supports less weight

9. SupremeSaver Next Comfort Bike

SupremeSaver Next Comfort Bike

You get what you always pay for, but in the SupremeSaver Mountain Bike case, there is a contradiction in these.

SupremeSaver mountain bike offers you more way than what you pay for, which means much more fun riding in a pretty lower price. It seems to be perfect once you get it assembled.

It has a nicely and ergonomically designed steel frame, which tends to feel extremely robust and durable during the rides.

It is fitted with dual suspension in front and back wheel, and also both are facilitated with a shock absorber, which successfully gets it done. It soaks up all the vibrations and shocks from your bike before it becomes the reason for your troublesome ride.

Undoubtedly, this bike is an excellent choice if you want it to be used for a long time because it is constructed to fulfill every bit of riders’ expectations. While on the other hand, the sturdy frame is master at not getting any bend in wear and rear condition.

Also, it does not get any rust, which prevents the bike from any discoloration. The bike’s weight limit is pretty enough to accommodate riders with a weight up to 250 pounds. Despite all the above features, this feature is very important for any bike. As you know that the alloy metal is more robust and lightweight by far than actual metal.

Supersaver Mountain Bike alloy rims have the property of not getting rust for a prolonged time, which helps the bike maintain its appearance and shape. Alloy rims are all-weather condition rims and are friendly to the bike.

These lightweight rims support 26 inches of the wide wheel for improved rolling over many surfaces.

Shimano 7-speed gears have always been a great choice when you want to ride around your neighbor or travel along the highway.

  • Adjustable stem for upright position
  • Gears are super handy for different terrains
  • Available in best vibrant colors
  • Not very good to be ridden on tough surface


You will not believe that MTBs under $200 have many great features and facilities that the expensive ones will probably not have. However, all the mountain bikes under $200 here are budget-friendly and concurrently the least priced and sustainable.

Owning the best mountain bike features that any mountaineer would love to have. The construction of these bikes accommodates it to maintain its robustness. The given mountain bikes under 200$ are best fit for any size person.

Every bike is installed with knobby tires to facilitate your ride with a more comfortable and smooth ride on various terrains. Consequently, these bikes are worth spending money on because they have all the same facilities that some expensive mountain bikes have.

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