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Best Mountain Bikes Under $300 in 2022

Let’s be very clear! Out there on the market, you will see the mountain bikes under $300 are nothing less than waste as you will not see them working with the same efficiency after a mild use because of being made with low profile suspensions and hefty frames with barely having a potential to tackle the obstacle throughout the course.

Though many high-priced brands think offering bikes less than $400 a menacing factor towards their brands, however, even cost-effective brands do not take the chance to risk their reputation with lower-priced mountain bikes.

Thankfully, there are several bikes with guaranteed excellent trail performance, and that is what we mentioned in our best mountain bikes under $300 list.

Nevertheless, the bikes below are what we will recommend you to purchase. And if you see your budget can expand a bit more than you can even have a look at best mountain bikes under $500 in 2021 with tending to offer you more efficient performance and reliable features.

List of Top 10 Best Mountain Bikes Under $300

Best OverallBest Overall
Huffy Stone Mountain BikeFrame: Steel Gears: 21 Speed Weight: 43 lbsCheck On Amazon
Best for MenBest for Men
Hyper Shocker Mountain BikeFrame: Steel Gears: 18 Speed Weight: 48.2 lbsCheck On Amazon
Best for AdultsBest for Adults
Schwinn High Timber MTBFrame: Steel Gears: 21 Speeds Weight: 46 lbsCheck On Amazon
Editors ChoiceEditors Choice
Merax Hardtail MTBFrame: Aluminum Gears: 21 Speed Weight: 33 lbsCheck On Amazon
Best for TrailsOutroad Mountain BikeFrame: Carbon Steel Gears: 21 Speed Weight: 39 lbsCheck On Amazon
Best Fat Tire BikeBest Fat Tire Bike
Mongoose Hitch Mountain BikeFrame: Steel Gears: 7 Speed Weight Limit: 55 lbsCheck On Amazon
Most DurableMost Durable
BESPORTBLE Mountain BikeFrame: Aluminum Gears: 21 Speed Weight: 35.27 lbsCheck On Amazon
Best for WomenBest for Women
Huffy Trail Runner MTBFrame: Steel Gears: 18 Speed Weight Limit: 30 lbsCheck On Amazon
Highly RecommendedHighly Recommended
Dynacraft Slick Rock Trails MTBFrame: Steel Gears: 21 Speed Weight Limit: 38 lbsCheck On Amazon
Best SellerBest Seller
MTFITNESS Mountain BikeFrame: Carbon Steel Gears: 21 Speed Weight Limit: 43 lbsCheck On Amazon

1. Huffy Stone Mountain Bike – Best Women Mountain Bike Under 300

Huffy Stone Mountain Bike

The huffy stone is perfect for extreme outdoor adventures and also for mild use around the town. It has installed with some incredible features to accommodate your every ride with comfort and peaceful ride.

The 21-speed gears are provided to get you on your desirable trails whether you want to jump straight down the hills or want to accelerate right up the mountains in both ways it is going to be your supreme companion.

Featuring the dynamic and robust 17 inches steel frame with limited lifetime guarantees to justify your hard-earned cash, and the front suspension fork ensure you stay free from worrisome rides by taking up most of the bumps and shocks.

The handlebars’ grips are Kraton grips that never let you feel irritated and provide a gentle feel against your palm. It uses a comfy and soft ATB saddle with its sides stitched to prevent wearing after long-term use.

Altogether the indexed Shimano rear derailleur and micro shift twist shifters deliver 21-speed. In contrast, the 26 inches wheel and knobby tires give utmost traction to keep you on the track with no less peskiness.

  • Matte black rims blends well with the bike’s color
  • Kraton grips feels soft against skin
  • Ideal for age 13 and above
  • Needs some adjustments

2. Hyper Shocker Mountain Bike – Best Mens Mountain Bike Under 300

Hyper Shocker Mountain Bike

This incredible mountain bike is perfectly all-rounder but can also be used for everyday riding around the neighborhood.

Undoubtedly, the hyper shocker gets along pretty well from rough and intense terrains to the paved surface. However, it can surely be labelled as one of the best mountain bikes under 300$.

Its ergonomic design makes sure your every journey comfortable and confident. Its frame is built ultra-carefully means that it will endure everything that your course will throw at it. But the hyper shocker gives out the best of its services when you ride it on a paved surface.

Though brakes are always the most important factor of any bike, you perhaps need to use them a lot more than on normal course on mountainous rides. It features linear-pull brakes and offers a precise and responsive stopping on the dangerous terrains.

The 26 inches wheel and strong, wide tires supported by the sturdy alloy rims offer you utmost control over plenty of terrains. At the same time, the 18-speed gears help you never stop from exploring the toughest of hills.

  • Multiple speeds for variety of terrains
  • Sleek and ergonomic design
  • Ideal for paved Riding
  • Does not go well with extreme rough surface.

3. Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike – Best Youth Mountain Bike Under 300

Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

This bike is specially designed to be ridden specifically for women. Though made with keeping the women’s delicacy in mind as it features a drop bar frame means that the top tube is downwards and slightly parallel to the down tube to make it helpful by delivering a pretty easy mounting and dismounting.

However, it is commonly known for providing excellent comfort with efficient performance, which Schwinn high timber MTB is popular in. It uses a crafted seat that is master at giving the utmost comfort level all along the way without a doubt.

Since they are fulfilling all the needs of women in the face of Schwinn high timber MTB, they gained a lot of popularity over the years.

The braking mechanism of any bike is the most crucial part to be considered and tells about the mountain bike’s quality.

This bike features an alloy linear-pull brake, not as efficient as disc brakes but is pretty much good at giving the crisp brake and once you get used to them, you will be riding your bike with the comfort and confidence to its fullest.

  • Features an attractive frame
  • Effortless assembling
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Seat is quite hard

4. Merax Hardtail – Best Hardtail Mountain Bike Under 300

Merax Hardtail

You might not notice this brand whenever it comes across your site until and unless you inquire about one of your biker companions. But you will notice it once you get to ride this amazing bike.

It will catch your attention and open your mind to a world of discoveries in a way that you will not hold yourself to before taking the risk of buying this incredible bike. Undoubtedly, this bike is worthy of taking a risk.

Your efforts to find a bike you desire will not go in vain once you come across Merax Hardtail MTB because it has all the amazing qualities you want in your bike, so why not look at what this bike has to offer you.

Your wish to have a perfect frame becomes true when you across lightweight Heat Treated aluminum 19 mountain frame. 26 Double Wall Aluminum Rims Wheels are designed to provide you with smooth-rolling.

  • Excellent gearing system
  • Mechanical disc brakes on both parts
  • Durable lightweight frame
  • Hard saddle

5. Outroad Mountain Bike

 Outroad Mountain Bike

Apparently, the best mountain bike that offers full features as expensive ones does not always have to be the one with a higher price tag and the Outroad mountain bike is the one to prove this statement wrong with its dynamic features.

If you are the one who gets pleased easily with the frame style of the MTB, then you must think once to purchase this because it possesses 6 spokes fashion rims which makes it one of the most eye-catching and classy designed frames that can really help you to become the center of attention among your biker mates.

It features a 17 inches high carbon steel frame known as one of the most durable and strong frames and can be a bit heavier concurrently, but this issue can easily be neglected in this price range.

Its versatility range does not end here. Furthermore, it offers the users 21-speed fear which seems a lot more when available at this lowest price. It will make it easier for you to switch in between the speeds depending on what road conditions you are riding.

  • Great shifters
  • Classy and ergonomic designed frame
  • Adjustable saddle
  • Rear fenders are included
  • Front suspension is not adjustable

6. Mongoose Hitch – Best Fat Tire MTB Under 300

Mongoose Hitch

Are you really thinking to hit the terrain with mostly snow or mud on it? But does your present mountain bike allow this to you?

Sounds weird, no? If you agree with the above-given situation, then the Mongoose Hitch Fat Tire MTB will be your perfect pick.

More words in its praise, it uses a steel frame to make sure your bike is even stabled to conquer the rough road.

Though the tubing in the frame does not seem to be oversized and looks stylish and appealing, it is of adequate size while providing you with the biggest advantage of controlled ride on terrains that seems challenging to conquer.

The 26 inches wheel size is ample to support the big tires. The 26 inches wheels support 4 inches of big and wide enough knobby tires to offers your bike extra safety against many sharp objects laid on the surface. Simultaneously, the expanded treads on the tires make sure that you pass every inch of the road with no hustle.

Out of surprise, the mongoose hitch MTB features disc brakes know that these brakes are often used in expensive ones but this mountain bike, with being less priced also features disc brakes to help you make the controlled stopping possible. When on track it goes like jet because it weighs only 40 pounds.

  • Wide enough tires to tackle obstacles
  • Tread tires for utmost gripping on the ground
  • Sleek design
  • Adjusting handlebars can be challenging

If you’re planning for a moutain bike riding, you’ll definitely need a protective full face Helmet. To choose the right helmet, have a look at Best Full Face MTB Helmets Guide

7. BESPORTBLE – Best Aluminum Mountain Bike Under 300

BESPORTBLE Mountain Bike

The next in the line of best MTBs under 300 is Besportble Mountain Bike, featuring the best of derailleur system to make handling the steep hills even easier and maneuverable.

The gearing system offers you an easy adjustment and shifting, so do not feel like bothering while riding. The manufacturers supply these bikes with Shimano 21-speed gears that ensure you always have a confident and comfortable ride over the higher heights.

It features the ultra-carefully made lightweight 17 inches aluminum frame to let you ride with a lighter feel and with no tension of controlling the bike over and over again.

The bike is dual suspension means that both rear and front of the bike have suspension fork that absorbs the rough road bumps with its maximum use of expertise.

  • Krayton grips for comfort feel
  • Dual suspension bike
  • Plenty of speed choices
  • Saddle may feel stiff after longer usage of bike

8. Huffy Trail Runner – Best Trail Mountain Bike Under 300

Huffy Trail Runner

Okay, so this pick is a little bit of unique in terms of features compared to other mountain bikes of this price, it uses 18-speed index shifters, commonly known as the best shifters that tend to run faster and deliver a boost to your efficiency.

It offers an optimal stopping with the best performance when it comes to providing a controlled and stabled ride while the alloy linear-pull brakes accompanied with Shimano rear derailleur and a 3 piece of the crankset.

In addition to the brakes and derailleur system, it features a dual-suspension frame and also a dual fork to give an ultimate riding experience. However, the frame is made of steel which feels heavy when need transportation but as well as powerful.

I personally love this because of its exceptional performance and features and its braking system that get along perfectly on matter what terrain you are riding in.

  • Index shifters
  • Durable frame
  • 26 inches by 1.95 inches rugged tires
  • Pedals may need replacement

9. Dynacraft Slick Rock Trails Mountain Bike

 Dynacraft Slick Rock Trails Mountain Bike

Though the consumers may not be familiar with this brand, but after reading this product review, you will think about making this stand in your garage.

There is a big number of people who actually have no know-how about how to buy their first mountain bike.

So the Dynacraft considered this and offered the sizing chart showing the wheel size, riders height and inseam height. This way, you can find the perfect frame size for yourself.

The dynamic design of the steel frame with perfect contrasts of purple and black is sure to catch beholder’s gazes. The rugged bicycle is available with dual suspension, ensures to soak up the bumps of rough road.

While the 21-speed index derailleur integrated with Shimano grip shifters makes the incline easy to climb and to descend seems a flat surface. Front and rear v-brake are super easy to make stopping.

The saddle of this mountain bike is padded and offers quick release seat post make sure you quickly adjust the saddle’s height for perfect riding.

  • Quick release seat post
  • Dual suspension maximize the absorption of bumps
  • Durable rims and frame increases maneuverability
  • Not suitable to be used by men

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10. MTFITNESS Mountain Bike

 MTFITNESS Mountain Bike

When you think of the word “bike”, you unconsciously start to think about all the things you want in your dream bike.

But you don’t need to worry about finding your dream bike because MTFITNESS has it all, from its durable frame to its double disc brakes. So don’t think twice before buying this bike because it will be worth your money.

Now assembling becomes easier when your bike arrives 60% assembled at your doorstep that means you won’t be having any difficulty while joining all the parts together. It would be hardly 15 to 20 minutes before you are done.

Its Front and Rear Disc brakes are proven to be the best by providing you precise and accurate stopping in emergencies. With Shimano’s 21-speed gearbox you can ride your bike with full control over it and not only this, but also you can ride at whatever speed you want.

It comes with a quick-release clip that makes it easier for you to fold the bicycle so when you are traveling you can keep the folded bicycle in the trunk of your car and can unfold it whenever you feel like riding on it.

And if you are at home and think that the bike is taking space in your apartment, you can fold it and store it at the corner of your apartment.

  • Quick release clip
  • 21-speed gears
  • Comes half assembled
  • Seat may feel hard


However, a big percentage of people who often want to boost up their adrenaline every weekend because of a busy schedule with not desiring to spend some extra bucks on their mountain bikes can place their sight on the best mountain bikes under $200 in 2021. Also, this can be very beneficial for the ones whose budgets are slightly tighter towards them.

Having said that, the main factor of picking up the best MTBs depends on the decision of what you need in your perfect MTB. Not only this that how much your pocket allows you to spend.

Seemingly, there is a huge difference between cruising around the town and taking your cool mountain bike towards the fearsome hills, else how you want to use it will help you set the base of your decision while keeping your needs and budget limitations in mind.

However, if you are spending on the best mountain bikes under $300 does not mean you will compromise the quality and efficiency of the bike as far as one concern that over the past few years, the technology has pretty much come along and emerged with improved design and features in a decent price range.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most affordable yet best mountain bike under $300?

If I would be asked to choose the most affordable yet best mountain bike under $300, I would choose the Huffy Stone Mountain Bike. It appears as a great beginner-friendly pick that looks strong, easy on gears, and increasingly maneuverable on rough terrain due to installed with tread tires.

Apparently, you cannot find one bike that seems one size fits all that one bike maybe be perfect for some users but not all the users would find that perfect for themselves. However, the mountain bikes differ based on who wants to buy whether a woman or man, on what terrain you want a ride in and the actual size, so basically the buy the one that goes perfect with your needs.

Why are mountain bikes so expensive?

The main reason why Mountain bikes appear as the expensive ones because they are facilitated with many protective gear like enhanced and efficient braking power, front shock, rear suspension and tires with treads on them for utmost gripping over the ground.

To tackle the obstacle that comes in rough terrain as up and down hills and inclines, they are assembled with strong and durable frames and some high priced components to prevent the bike from being hurdled. This is what makes these bikes so expensive as compared to other bikes.

What kind of MTB should I buy as an entry-level?

Make sure you buy the one with fat tires with expanding treads on it, a good suspension fork to keep you comfortable on bumpy terrains and keep in that preferable bike has disc brakes because they are renowned for providing exceptional stopping power.

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