Can You Put Hybrid Tires on a Mountain Bike? (Pros & Cons)

Mountain bikes are just so much fun to ride and explore the trails with. Hybrid tires are a great way to improve grip on any surface, and they’re perfect for rocky trails. Most people will tell you that hybrid tires are only used on road bikes. 

However, nothing is stopping you from installing them on mountain bikes. If you live in a place where it snows or even has freezing rain and sleet, you may find yourself wondering if it’s possible to use hybrid tires on a mountain bike.

So you’ve seen the new hybrid mountain bike tires, but you’re still confused. Is this a new technology that is going to change the way we ride?

We’re here to help you get the most out of your bike and answer your questions. This quick article will help you understand and decide whether or not these hybrid tires are right for you.

Should you ride your mountain bikes with hybrid tires?

Mountain bikes are designed for usage in the mountains or the field. Is it possible to fit hybrid tires on a mountain bike? 

Yes, you certainly can. Traditional mountain bikes are made exclusively for usage on mountainous terrains and trails. Aside from the wheels, there are no significant differences in the bike’s construction.

Things to consider before putting hybrid tires on a mountain bike

Can You Put Hybrid Tires on a Mountain Bike

There are several things to consider while planning to switch to hybrid tires or switching from mountain bike tires to hybrid tires regularly.

Quality of the Ride

You’ll be relieved to learn that hybrid tires perform admirably in terms of ride quality if you choose to buy and ride them. One of the main reasons why road tires perform so well on the pavement is because of the higher surface pressure. So you’ll be able to have a good experience with hybrid tires as well.


One of the biggest advantages of hybrid tires is that they can offer better traction on different surfaces. This is particularly useful for riders who live in areas where it snows or even has freezing rain and sleet. These are areas where road-specific tires can get stuck.

Tread Patterns

​Hybrid tires feature a combination of a road-specific tread and a mountain bike-specific tread. The road-specific tread is designed to give the bike a stable and predictable ride.

Width of the tire

Hybrid tires are often broader than other road tires, they are typically narrower than mountain bike tires. However, depending upon the brand and type, you’ll notice the performance benefits that come with a lighter and narrower bike tire over a mountain tire.


Hybrid tires are usually lighter than road-specific tires, but they’re heavier than mountain bike tires. They’re not as heavy as road tires, but they’re heavier than mountain bike tires.


​Hybrid tires are usually more flexible than mountain bike tires. This is because of the different tread patterns. Mountain bike tires are designed to offer a wider contact patch to handle bumps and ruts.

What are the average tire Pressure Recommendations For Hybrid Tires?

The ideal tire pressure for a road tire is 70 to 130 psi, while the ideal tire pressure for a mountain bike tire  is 20 to 45psi.  Because hybrid tires combine the best features of both types of tires, we can meet in the middle, with hybrid tire pressures ranging between 40 and 90 psi.

With those principles in mind, it’s crucial to remember that there is no such thing as “perfect” tire pressure and the best and most comfortable tire pressure is determined by factors i.e body weight and riding style.

While noticing body weight and ideal tire pressure, the tire manufacturer’s guidelines should be followed, and the higher the tire pressure, the more someone weighs. A Lot of people will give you different views on optimum tire pressure and it is largely a matter of personal opinion. 

When installing hybrid tires, you’ll probably need to go for a few test rides to figure out what tire pressure you’re comfortable with depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Can You Put Hybrid Tires on a Mountain Bike?

Advantages of hybrid tires

Following are the advantages of hybrid tires :

  • Allows you to travel on roads, in the snow, and in mountainous terrain.
  • They’re comfier than road or mountain bike tires.
  • For day-to-day use, they are nimble and light.
  • Hybrid tires are designed to be faster than mountain bike tires, and they are generally lighter than road tires. This is one of the reasons why they’re ideal for riders who want to go faster.
  • MTB tires are more difficult to pedal than road tires.
  • More readily controlled.
  • They’re better in wet conditions.
  • Better handling on wet roads.
  • They are more puncture-resistant than mountain bike tires.

The drawback of hybrid tires

Following are the drawbacks of hybrid tires:

  • Tires that aren’t as fast as those seen on the road or racing bikes.
  • It may not be able to survive difficult mountainous terrain.
  • They aren’t meant to be used in competitions. 

Is it necessary to change the rim on your mountain bike to convert it to a hybrid bike?

You may not be able to fit hybrid tires in some circumstances, depending on the internal width of your rim. 

For hybrid use, 40 to 44mm broad tires might be somewhat restricting. Of course, it is conceivable, but the yield will be less than ideal! The second set of wheels may be conceivable at this time if your rim is at least 20 to 28 mm wide. 

Wheels that are ideal for urban use and can be fitted with city tires. As a result, you may keep one bike and use it for two purposes. Then you can have your wheels with wide, studded tires for weekend MTB adventures. 


Hybrid tires are great for mountain bikes, this is because hybrid tires combine the best features of both types of tires. 

They’re an excellent alternative for city cyclists who wish to travel on both roads and trails and great for around town on a mountain bike. They are nimble and light, and they offer a wide contact patch for all-weather riding.

In this article, we have not only discussed the advantages and drawbacks of hybrid bikes but also suggest to you some factors to consider before installing hybrid tires. 

We hope this article has helped you to understand the concept of hybrid tires and their advantages. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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