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The best tires should be the one that provides controlled grip over all-terrain, be efficient and durable. In short, your bike performance and experience will certainly be influenced by the tires, thus this makes them a significant part that cannot be overlooked.

It must fit the bill to your bike nicely or in other words, provide you an all-rounder performance when you encounter various demanding terrains.

The fact that marketplaces are flooded with bicycles tires is quite unfathomable while leaving people only wondering about which one is the best.

Typically there are tubeless clincher tires, tubular tires, and clincher tires. However, people often opt for wire beads or Folding beads tires because of their popularity.

Below, while skimming through the information, you will find yourself capable of finding the difference between the folding bead and wire bead tires and be able to pick one that is performance-oriented, durable, and beyond everything, it should fit the bike seamlessly.

Below are some factors on which the wire bead and folding bead tires differ from one another.

Folding Bead Verses Wire Bead Tire

Major Differences between Folding Bead and Wire Bead Tires

1. Weight Difference of Folding Bead and Wire Bead Tire

Factually, there is a low percentage of people who prefer short distance touring over miles distance. Though, folding bead tires tend to appear quite light in nature in comparison to wire bead tires.

Apart from this feature, its improved performance is what makes them more demanding among cyclists.

It is evident that anything constructed with lighter components will automatically work seamlessly and faster: in the same way tires with less weight will impart improved performance to your bike.

This means the users will have to put minimal effort in order to make the tires spin.

Foldable tires have this supreme ability to reduce weight by approximately 2 ounces for each tire.

Though this also depends on the model these tires are being used on. On the contrary, the wire bead tires may add a little more weight because of the wires used in them.

2. Threads Per Inch(TPI) Count

Usually, folding bead tires are categorized as premium by several manufacturers due to the amount of weight they save on your bike.

One of the most common of these tires is KEVLAR BEADS that is known as premium installation on the tires. With the Kevlar beads, the high thread per count is also a considerable feature of folding tires.

These are usually made by using Nylon thread that is tied together compactly to make the frame. The TPI count typically depends on the density of the thread, the more it has density the more TPI count it will generate.

A Higher TPI count enables the cyclist to run the bike more flexibly. Generally, 60 or above TPI count is known high quality. While on the other hand, the wire beads do not have a TPI count which means less flexibility while riding.

3. Material Difference of Wire Bead and Folding Bead Tire

Material is the major difference with which you can easily evaluate between categories. Some of you might not know what is bead?

Typically it is that part of the tire that meets the rims. Rigid tires commonly known as regular tires tend to have beads that are constructed by using steel wire.

This type of construction makes them quite sturdy and efficient to support your ride. In spite of using steel wire, folding tires opt for Kevlar beads that are more durable and reliable than steel wire.

Difference Between Folding Bead And Wire Bead Tires

4. Rubber Compound

The treads of folding bead tires appear to be softer than wire bead tires due to their soft rubber compound. They are perfect bike tires as they are known to provide better traction over multiple terrains.

One negative side of these rubber compounds is that they tend to get wear more quickly than regular treads.

Besides, the wire bead tires do not use soft rubber while it clearly tells that they are meant to last much longer than folding bead tires.

5. Difference of Flexibility between Wire Bead and Folding Bead Tire

The folding bead tires have got this name due to the flexibility they offer. This feature enables users to fold it on the go and stow it anywhere easily.

Apart from folding bead tires, the wire bead tires are not as flexible as folding bead tires are due to the use of steel in their making, this increases the stiffness and decreases the flexibility simultaneously.

Apparently, the folding tires were made for users who choose long-distance touring and may need spare tires in an emergency.

Advantages of Folding Bead Tires Vs Wire Bead Tires
Folding Bead TiresWire Bead Tires
Easy to carryThey are built to last long
Higher thread per InchNot too durable
 Offer better traction over many demanding terrains 
Cost is relatively lower than other types of bikes 
Disadvantages of Folding Bead Vs. Wire Bead Tires
Folding Bead TiresWire Bead Tires
They tend to wear out more quickly than wire bead tiresThey add some weight to your bike

Concluding Remarks about Difference Between Folding Bead And Wire Bead Tires

You may prefer folding bead tires over wire bead tires due to the information provided above and may think of wire beads as an inferior one.

Well, this is not what you think, somehow both of them functions nearly the same way.

The only main difference is that one is foldable and easy to carry while the other is not. Individually, they both are best in their way.

Though if you love long touring then folding bead tires are perfect for you one downside is that they are a little more towards the expensive side than wire beads tires.

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