Electric Bike Speed Limiter Removal – Complete Method

Most people have a bike that can move with a battery or conventional pedals. The speed of such cycles increases as you apply more force on the pedals.

It’s a very convenient and sustainable method to move faster. But this case is not some in electric bikes.

If you have an electric bike, you must have a limiter to limit the speed or a monitor to engage with the speed during the ride. But people must mostly focus on speed, not the speed limiter. That’s why the young generation is moving after the Electric Bike Speed Limiter Removal.

Electric Bike Speed Limiter Removal

The electric bike speed limiter is a restricted feature in the bikes that controls the bike’s speed and ensures that the rate does not exceed the bicycle’s legal speed limit.

Normally the maximum speed of the bikes is 25 Km/h. The speed of any electronic bike easily increases, but the speed limiter restricts the speed unless it is not removed. Many people find techniques for specialized electric bike speed limiters. 

The article is linked with the Electric Bike Speed Limiter Removal techniques. The techniques can make the bike’s maximum speed, but at the same time, it’s against the rules and regulations of the manufacturer.


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Methods Of Electric Bike Speed Limiter Removal

If you are looking for bike speed limiter removal techniques, you are at the right place.

Here are some step-by-step guidelines for a basic understanding of speed limiter removal. The motor automatically stops when the limiter reaches the basic speed limit. 

Methods Of Electric Bike Speed Limiter Removal

Here are some methods to remove the speed limiter on an electric bike.

Hands-on Method For Speed Limiter Removal

Hand on method technique is the manual technique that gives control of the speed in your hands. Every manufacturer built a different structure of the electronic bike and its mechanism. The hands-on method can help control the bike’s speed with your hands rather than the sensor. 

In this method, remove the rear wheel magnet and make it place at any other place on the bike. The speed limit will be in your hands, and you can adjust the bike’s speed without the limiter if you increase the distance between the sensor and the magnet. Then such a method can remove the speed limiter sensor function.

Pros And Cons Of Using Hands-on Method

  • It does not take much time.
  • It is possible to do it without any prior electrical knowledge or assistance.
  • It does not need any permanent electrical disassembly, it is easily reversible.
  • Changes are not permanent, it is easier to claim a warranty.
  • This method is not applicable to all electric bikes.

The best part of removing the e-bike’s speed limiter with this method is that:

Wiring Sensor Method

The other method for speed limiter removal is the sensor wiring method. This method is not manual and requires the need of an expert.

The skilled person can remove the the sensor that provides the signals to the motor. If the wire is damaged, all the functions for the motor control finish, and it may make the bike condition more miserable. If you have a skilled person, contact him while removing the electric bike speed limiter is better

The wiring sensor system requires sensitive handling, completely changing the bike’s overall outlook and structure. The method is best to be under a skilled person. 

Pros And Cons Of Using Wiring Sensor Method

  • The electric can go at higher speeds since no signals or speed data must be carried to the central controller.
  • It is quite difficult to undo the effects of this procedure because they are irreversible.
  • Many cables go beside an electric bike’s system. As a result, discovering the precise cables to cut may be difficult for many e-bike users. As a result, people may have to spend money visiting an electric bike workshop.
  •  therefore, claiming a warranty becomes nearly impossible, which might result in a significant financial loss if something goes wrong with the bike.

Tool kit For The e-bike Speed Limiter Removal

In all the methods for the electric bike speed limiter removal, it’s good to have a toolkit to manage the removal of the speed limiter. The use of the tool kit requires technical knowledge and a deep understanding of how the sensors and magnets work. 

There are two types of tool kits:

Type 1: Disassemble the electric bike circuit

Type 2: Attach the kit part with the sensor

Both types are used to remove the speed limiter with the help of the tool kit. You can remove the electric circuit or connect the tool kit directly to the bike sensor.

Pros And Cons Of Using Tool kit Method

  • These tool packages go far beyond mere hacks. As a result, they were designed to minimize any permanent harm or modification to the electric bike.
  • The type one tool kit includes a useful switch for easily turning off the tool kit’s operation.
  • Using either tool kit is complicated and needs the help of an experienced electric bike professional. As a result, the owner of an e-bike must pay to utilise these kits.
  • Several countries have banned the use of these tool kits because they are designed to allow an electric bike to exceed its legal top speed. As a result, this method is now illegal.

Benefits of Removing Electric Bike Speed Limiter

Electric bikes are an alternative way of transport and make the ride easier with increased speed and performance. The speed of the bikes can go higher as the rider demands. The use of the speed limiter is to limit the speed and control the overall function of the bike. 

Benefits of Removing Electric Bike Speed Limiter

Some of the basic advantages of the specialized electric bike speed limiter removal exist.

  • High Performance

Mostly the limiter controls the speed. But in some cases, the limiter removal increases the efficiency of the engine and the mechanical components.

Different customers require to check the efficiency of the motor at high speed. Such requirements increase the overall performance and provide beneficial service to the customers.

  • Increased Speed

The use of the limiter helps to balance and control the speed. But in some cases, when the exceeded speed is required, the limiter causes a problem.

The bike speed limiter removal helps to increase the speed and check the beneficial services of the motor.

  • Rider Experience

The rider can enjoy long rides and customize the speed at different locations. Removing the limiter can help the riders enjoy the thrilling experience at various locations. Such removal of the limiter provides a personalized experience.

  • Longer Battery Life

The battery life increases as the speed limiter is removed. The Electric Bike Speed Limiter Removal can improve the overall performance and efficiency of the bikes.

Risks of Removing Electric Bike Speed Limiter

Besides increasing the overall efficiency of the bikes, some concerns are linked to the Electric Bike Speed Limiter Removal.

The speed limiter can control the overall speed of the bike. Besides, removal can cause serious damage to bike riders.

  • Legal Issues

The manufacturer of the bikes implements the bike speed limiter to control the overall speed of the bikes.

Removal of the limiter can be a serious issue for legal allegations. It’s illegal to remove the speed limiter. E-bike riders always apply safety and local laws to ensure their bikes’ safety and legal operation. 

  • Safety Risks

The safety risks increase due to electric bike speed limiter removal. Once the rider removes the limiter, then the safety risks increase.

The sensor implemented in the bikes controls the overall speed of the bike and doesn’t allow the rider to exceed the limit. Safety risks are always associated with the Overspeed of the bike.

  • Potential Damage to Electric Bike

The potential damage to an electric bike is always there if the limiter is not fixed with the bike.

The serious accidents chance increases, and such accidents can cause potential damage to electric bikes. It is always important to control the average speed to reduce bike damage.

FAQS of Electric Bike Speed Limiter Removal

How do you remove an eBike Limiter?

The system implements the e-bike limiter to control the bike’s speed. If you want to increase the overall performance of the bike and improve the conditions of the bike, then you can remove the eBike limiter.

Can I remove my limiter?

Yes, you can remove the limiter. If you can manage the over speed of the vehicle and can control the high speed, then you can remove the limiter. 

What is the use of the speed limiter?

The use of the speed limiter is to control the overall speed of the bike. The bike speed limiter can control the vehicle from serious accidents and problems. 


The speed limiters are always installed in the bikes in the first place. The reason for implementing the speed limiters is to control the overall speed of the bikes. Electric Bike Speed Limiter Removal comes with responsibility, and this action has different consequences. If you are looking for the trilling rider experience, you can go with removal of the speed limiter. Various methods can help to remove the sensor from the bike. 

All you need is to focus on the bike’s speed after the overall removal of the speed limiter removal. You might have learned how to remove an electric bike’s speed limiter. 

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