Giro Switchblade Helmet MIPS Convertible Review

The Switchblade MIPS adult dirt cycling helmet is ASTM downhill certified. It proves it with the comfortableness it provides, either its chin bar on or off. This helmet is extraordinarily well built. It is not heavy, sporting the embracing MIPS and possessing a shielded DH-styled padded chin strap.

Giro Switchblade Helmet MIPS Features

Giro Switchblade MIPS Helmet Features

Giro Switchblade MIPS Helmet Protection

This helmet is patterned to efficiently protect you blocking from the most severe hits of off-road racecourses, providing the strong protection you should be getting from a full-face helmet, minus all the weight.

Giro Switchblade Helmet Adjustment & Comfortability

Giro bike helmets are well known for their high comfortability. An adjustment knob behind the Giro switchblade helmet interchanges your helmet fit in such a certain state that it holds all the back of your head safely. An uncomplicated bumper on the base holds a neck brace or pack in case of unwantedly loosening it.

Giro Switchblade Convertible Helmet Visor

The visor rotates simply up and out of the way when you want to pull up the goggles. Two bolts secure the visor. It has one bolt around each temple. The visor is very strong when you try to plunge it side to side using your hands.

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Ventilation of Giro Switchblade Mountain Bike Helmet

You would be wondering that the space of your head is becoming hotter than a cake baking in a big furnace but let me tell you that you are wrong.

Switchblade is ventilated with the chin bar either on or off. You will enjoy climbs during a ride, making it some of the best convertible mountain bike helmet.

The helmet’s 20 vents help in maintaining fresh air flowing in and keeping the hot air out. There are two vents above your ears and contain the different characteristics of letting sound easily penetrate throughout the helmet.

Unlike most helmets, this design works and is very comfy. Excitingly, the only part that seemed warm is the padding on its chin strap.

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  • Contains an excellent ventilation system that keeps the helmet warm
  • Tight chin strap to avoid crashes at its most
  • ASTM certified
  • Chinstrap can be annoying to remove

Final Words about Giro Switchblade Helmet

Stuck by two little metal hooks on both sides, the chin bar detaches without much effort, just by pushing two buttons on the foot edge of your helmet. Taking it off when you are wearing goggles on is a bit clumsy but can be done.

There is no reason why you should reject giro switchblade helmet. The chin bar would cooperate to keep you from exploding your face in case of a crash.

If your way of riding covers hard enduro rides and troublemaking far tosses trails or even spending hot days in a park riding your bike, the Switchblade is an excellent, well-ventilated, and diverse option.

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