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Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike Review - Check Price

If I plan to buy any mountain bike, my mind would definitely think of something that would get along with the off-road course and obviously with smooth terrains. And so does you people want the same thing.

Bicycles buyers have to deal with numerous choices just to get the best option. Our today’s review is all about the mountain bike that works well in two ways, one is off-road and the other is on-road.

Schwinn high timber mountain bike is every time up for grabs in the market due to its more demand by the buyers, and there is no wrong in saying this that Schwinn High Timber is one of the finest and robust model among its other products.

The decision to buy a mountain bike should be made intelligently and obviously something that cost you a little more you will never go for it without research. You surely have to dig into the small details or specs of the bicycle, and buying something online definitely seeks extra time, but concurrently it saves you from a hectic day.

There are tons of bikes in the market; the only difference between them is their size, materials used in manufacturing, and surely hues of the bike. The high timber mountain bike is one of the best Schwinn mountain bike, it is a legit and perfect bike for an off-road course and can also be ridden on pavements.

Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike Review

Schwinn Mountain Bike Components Overview

If you scroll down furthermore, you will get to see its incredible features that surely will get back your lost laughter!


Frame and Suspension of Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

High Timber Mountain Bike is offered both in aluminum and steel frame. A solid steel constructed frame combined with front suspension fork multiples the bike’s power and makes it durable to combat plenty of terrains.

Schwinn Aluminum Mountain Bike is also well constructed and provides high-performance shock-absorbent suspension.

With the suspension fork, every bumpy terrain is so easy to cover. Its exceptional ability to absorb high-frequency shocks keeps the rider free from any hindrance.

Moreover, it deadens vibrate and shaky feel when riding on the rough surface. The steel constructed frame tends to feel a bit heavier, but at the same time, there is no match for its performance.


Along with a solidly constructed frame, precise and smooth brakes also add a part in making any bike performance-oriented. Schwinn high timber MTB provides you strong linear-pull brakes on both front and rear wheel, which means more precise and controlled braking power on various roads.


Scwhinn High Timber MTB Shifters

If you are a legit lover of going up and down hills, then gears with smooth shifters would be an indispensable feature for you. As the speed number increases, the choices of terrains become more.

In all those speeds, the 7-speed gear is pretty much known for giving exceptional performance no matter what terrains you are riding in. However, high timber MTB offers 7-speed SHIMANO gear with smooth twist shifters that can easily change in any rough situation or while climbing any incline.


This resilient, high timber MTB provides you a 29 inch solid and durable wheel, and on it, there are thick rugged tires that help you to have a controlled grip over the rough surface. Solid constructed alloy rims added lightweight to the bike and increase durability and strength.

Most of the parts that the bike comprises are made of alloy material that ensures the bike’s performance is responsive and durable. There are multiple other wheel sizes available by Schwinn.

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Crankset is one of the most essential part for steady gearing and less maintenance. The Schwinn’s high timber MTB has a super lightweight alloy crankset that ensures smooth gear changing and its less maintenance has done a huge convenience for the users who do not want to pull out every single component for maintenance from time to time.


Some of us do not want a frame just to ride but also the one that catches every second person’s attention. The one displayed in the review is of grey color with an appealing look but personally, I used a red Schwinn mountain bike. Therefore, keeping this in mind Schwinn has produced this model that gives more of a sleek look when heavy sun rays strike it.

  • Steel suspension front fork and frame
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Most of the parts made from alloy material known for adding lightweight to the object.
  • Smooth ride
  • SHIMANO gearing system
  • Feels a bit heavier when lifting up
  • Seat is uncomfortable and may need replacement.


If you are struggling hard to find an affordable yet performance-oriented bike then you must have it once. This comes with an affordable price range which is a great deal for the price.

Even so, the whole bike is made of steel, while the components used in Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike are of alloy material and offers a limited lifetime warranty as long as you are using it.

All over the Schwinn high timber MTB is worth purchasing and its purchasing will never make you regret.

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