Trek 1000 Road Bike – A Few Secrets About Trek Bikes

Since I can’t stay without riding, I keep on trying different bike models. My experience with trek 1000 has been awesome. It has an aluminium frame and used to be available for below $1000, but the price increased due to some new additions.

 Trek is an old brand and I could buy a used product, but I preferred to have the new one to avoid any issues. Here I want to discuss this bike in detail along with my commuting experiences.

Trek 1000 Road Bike

Trek 1000 Aluminium Frame

I bought the trek 1000 road bike for its durable aluminium frame. The aluminium belongs to the 7005 series having 1,555g of weight, whereas the size is 56 cm.

I like it because there is no joint in the frame that makes it smooth. Whereas the finishing is better than the previous models. The paint does not decay like old bikes, provided you also maintain your bike.

The Trek 1000SL has a forward slope on its top, and you can change the height of the handlebar by revolving the stem at180 degrees. I also use the headset spaces for other adjustments.

I like the addition of a rack in the Trek 1000, besides, the mudguard eyes make it a versatile vehicle. I consider it an all-rounder because it has become an adventure bike for me.

Road Bike Trek 1000

A bike with two chain sets offers fewer gears even though it is lightweight. The 1000 SL Trek comes up with a triple set of chains that’s why I love it. 

The handlebars come up with a lower bend, whereas the sloping stem offers more options to set the handlebar’s height.

Initially, I did not like the style of the Trek 1000, but its comfortable function made me love it. The pedals help me ride this bike with all the balance I require.

1000 Trek Road Bike Wheels

The wheels of the Trek 1000 bike resemble traditional wheels having 32 spokes in a wheel with a 3-cross design. Whereas two other spokes cross each spoke, and the hubs run smoothly.

The wheels of the previous version were lighter but my bike’s wheels weigh 115 g according to the specs. This model has Bontrager tires which are the most budget-friendly and hard to find in vertical compliance.

The tire is 25mm thick which can better prevent it from puncturing than a 23-mm tire.  My bike often gets saved from punctures due to good tires.

Trek 1000 Handling

I can easily handle my bicycle because Trek bike’s design is always based on good parameters. Whether it’s 1000 SL or trek Alpha 1000, you stay stable while riding.

The butted tubes help this bike run smoothly on the road. You can also remove spacers for a low and more aerodynamic angle.

Types Of Trek 1000 Bikes

Trek is an old brand that makes bikes for various surfaces like roads, mountains, and off-road terrains. You can buy a Trek road bike, Trek mountain bike, or even a hybrid bike.

Trek 1000 Road Bike: The road bike is very common in the United States and Europe because it is comfortable.

I love to ride my trek 1000 road bike at a high speed, and it stays stable. But, if you also love to ride at high speed, make sure to buy the latest version of Trek1000.

Trek 1000 Mountain Bike: It is lightweight but tough at the same time. The gears are lighter than other bikes and help you on the uphill ride.

It has wider tires and offers better traction while riding on the snow, gravel, and dirt. Even it goes well on the sand.

Trek 1000 Hybrid Bike: Trek also makes the hybrid bike, which is a blend of a road and mountain bike. Like, you can ride it on the road or rough terrains and mountains.

All types of Trek bikes come up with puncture-proof tires which make it a popular brand.

Types Of Trek 1000 Bikes

It is ideal for running or commuting and it has a lightweight frame that goes well on bumpy roads. However, it has flat handlebars for upright positions. The bike is also foldable to have easy transport. 

Are Trek Bikes Costly?

A Trek bike can be cheap or costly, depending on its type. The basic Trek bike can cost you around $ 400, but high-end models go up to $8000. Generally, it is expensive because of its high-quality materials and complex designs. 

Trek uses aluminium or carbon frames which are durable and rustproof. However, some of its models have titanium frames, like mountain bikes. Trek bikes for racing or off-road riding range between $1000 and $2000.

Why Do I Like the Trek 1000 Bike?

Trek bike includes the latest technology like Iso speed which can go on bumpy roads due to good shock absorption. You can also get it customized and buy a style you want. The bike is ideal for beginners, be it a standard or mountain bike.

The front suspension forks are good features for the riders. Besides, the bike is available in different sizes of which I bought 56 cm as it suits me.

The company tests its bikes before bringing them into the market. You can also use it for recreational purposes. Both men and women can have an ideal bike by Trek.

It has quick-release tires that help you replace them with new ones. But trek road bikes’ gears are less than a mountain bike, so switching would become hard for a new rider.

How To Choose A Trek 1000 Bike According To Your Height?

Trek bikes come in different sizes, frames, and heights. A Trek bike with a small frame is suitable for riders of height 5’ to 5’7″. Whereas the medium frame bike is suitable for riders who are 5’4″ to 5’10” tall.

The large frame bike is suitable for heights ranging from 5’8″ to 6’2″. But, there are also bikes with extra large frames for very tall riders whose height is from 6’1″ to 6’6″. You should have a test ride to see which Trek bike suits you in terms of height.


What Size Is Trek 1000?

Various models of track 1000 come in various sizes. My bike’s size is 56 cm, however, Trek SL1000 has different sizes, such as 43 cm, 50 cm, 52 cm, 54 cm, 56 cm, 58 cm, 60 cm, etc.

You should know which size suits you according to your height. Trek 1000 price also varies according to its size and other features.

Can I Put 11 Speed Cassette On Trek 1000 SL?

Trek 1000 SL has a 10-speed cassette, but you can change it with the 11-speed. However, you will have to buy a new cassette body for this purpose.

The cassette body combines the Hub centre and drives the wheels when the rider pedals.

Is Trek Worth The Price?

Yes, it is because it has good construction and it is also less costly. Moreover, you can use it as a new rider because it is easy to manage and stays stable.

Is Trek Bike A Good Brand?

According to my experience, trek bikes are excellent because of their high-quality materials.

Besides, the bikes perform great on the road and in the mountains, depending on their type.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Trek 1000 is a versatile bike that you can use for different activities all year round. The new versions have carbon seat posts and lighter wheels than previous versions.

It is long-lasting, provided you maintain it well. It has superb brakes and a gearing ratio that makes it ideal for both uphill and downhill. 

Generally, a trek 1000 bike provides great comfort, and it performs well. However, you should also stay focused during riding.

Make sure to wear a bike helmet as I do so it can protect you during accidents. Besides, you also have to consider your height while choosing the Trek or any other bike.

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