What are Electric Bikes – All You Need to Know before Buying an E-Bike

Nowadays, we hear more and more about electric bikes, but the question which comes in everyone’s mind is that what electric bikes are, how they work and should I buy an electric bike.

Well, if you are new to cycling or if it’s your first time that you’re going to buy an electric bike, or if you are just curious to know what e-bike is then our complete electric bike guide will surely help you to answer all the questions which are in your mind.

What are Electric Bikes?

Electric Bikes are just like traditional pedal-assist bikes, but what makes it different from them is that e-bike has a motor and chargeable electric batteries, which helps you ride comfortably without a lot of pedaling efforts. In other words, they are a combination of a traditional bike with a battery and a motor.

Types of Electric Bikes

Just like traditional bikes, Electric bikes also come up of so many different types. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Electric Road Bikes
  2. Electric Mountain Bikes
  3. Electric Commuter Bikes
  4. Electric Fat Tire Bikes
  5. Electric Folding Bikes

It looks that there is an e-bike for every occasion, but the thing which matters the most is its functionality and durability. I prefer an electric folding bike because you can carry it anywhere you want, whether it is bus, plane or your loft.

What are Electric Bikes – All You Need to Know before Buying an E-Bike

Modes/Classes of Electric Bikes

Different types of electric bikes come with three different modes/classes, which are:

1. Pedal Assist / Pedelec Mode

Pedal Assist / Pedelec Mode is the most common mode of e-bike. In this type of mode, a biker rides the e-bike normally while the motor assists by transmitting power to the rear wheel. As a result, pedaling takes less energy than it usually takes.

It allows you higher speed and climbing over steep hills easily. It has a computer from which rider can choose the amount of motor assistance they need. E-bike rider doesn’t need any license, license plate, or helmet to ride a bike in Pedelec mode.

2. Throttle Mode

Throttle mode e-bike does not require pedaling, and it moves forward when the rider pushes the throttle, it works just like a scooter or motorbike. Power depends on how far the rider pushes the throttle.

They are less common than Pedelec mode bikes because many countries, even Europe doesn’t allow them. Throttle mode bikes are most common in Asia and the US because they allow with few rules.

3. Speed Pedelec Mode

As the name indicates, they operate the same as pedelec bikes, but they are speedy, and for this reason, motor vehicle regulatory requires its riders to have license and helmet.

Usually, they allow speed up to 28 mph. I would recommend a pedal-assist mode bike because it provides no power without pedaling. In the Pedal-assist mode, the rider can change power modes just with the press of a button.

You can start a ride with no assist at all, which works just like a traditional bike with full human power. As you begin to fatigue, you can turn it onto the lowest setting for a slight bit of help. If you are struggling with a headwind or want to keep up with faster people, you can increase the assistance amount.

Note: It just provides assistance, doesn’t do it for you. Rider still needs to provide human power and shift properly. The rider is not going to climb the steep hill in the highest gear of e-bike. If a rider does not shift properly, they will fall over.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why E-Bikes better than traditional bikes?

E-bikes are perfect for a daily commute because they offer the same benefits as traditional bikes by consuming less energy and need fewer efforts, which makes it ideal for paralyzed people.

E-Bikes resolve many issues that people face with traditional bikes. Longer rides with fewer efforts are about it. If you have an injury, E-bike is an excellent option.

I have a good friend that rode bike his whole life all around the world, but when he had a rare muscle disorder, he pretty much lost all control of his feet/ankles other than very limited stability.

He got an e-bike so he could continue to do the thing he loved until he loses all function in his legs. He may have medical issues that prevent him from riding a traditional bike and is just trying to enjoy a lifetime hobby in whatever way he can as he ages.

If you’re planning for a long ride on Electric Bike, you must have protective gear for your knees and elbows. Have a look at Bike Reviews Hub  Best Knee & Elbow Pads Guide

Are E-Bikes faster than traditional bikes?

The fact is that E-Bikes are slightly heavier than normal bikes, but it depends on how fast rider usually ride. The fastest mode, Speed Pedelec Mode offers a maximum speed of 45 mph.

Why E-Bikes better than other Electric Vehicles?

Nowadays, everyone’s concern is environment-friendly vehicles, whether it’s a motorbike or car. For this reason, e-bikes are the best option because they are working more perfectly as compared to electric cars and other vehicles.

However, Tesla and many other companies are working to resolve the electric car problems and people’s concerns, but right now, they are not as successful as an e-bike industry.

What are Electric Bikes?

You may also need a helmet for a secure ride. Have a look at Bike Reviews Hub Top Best Full Face Helmets

Why are Electric Bikes so expensive?

Electric bikes cost more to buy than a traditional bicycle because they are just like a normal traditional bike but have more components like battery, bike controller and sensors.

It also depends on what you are comparing it with because they are much cheaper than a car, motorbike, and even a high-end traditional bike.

Will Electric Bikes be cheaper in the future?

Electric bikes are high in demand, which leads to higher prices. Many experts say that electric bikes are the future of cycling, and with the passage of time, more and more electric bikes manufacturing companies are coming into the market, which means the competition will increase. Then surely they have to reduce their prices.

Wait! Are you looking for an Affordable Electric Bike? If yes, have a look at Best Electric Bikes Under $1000 Guide.

Advantages of E-Bikes

  1. E-bikes are environmentally friendly because they do not create unhealthy vapors, and batteries can be recycled.
  2. E-Bikes can be used on cycle paths, whereas moped riders are not allowed to travel within bicycle areas.
  3. Riders can cover long distances with less effort.

Disadvantages of Electric Bikes

  1. E-bikes are heavier than traditional bikes.
  2. E-bikes are expensive than traditional bikes.

Well, we hope that you would have got enough knowledge about electric bikes. We wish you the best of luck in going out to buy the best E-bike for the very first time.

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