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Perhaps only a cyclist knows that how beneficial cycling can be regarding your physical and mental health. A 60 minutes cycling in a day can help your body in keeping away many problems that often cause when you do not live a healthy life.

Spending hours in playing indoor games, sitting for a long time for no purpose, doing stuff that requires long hour sitting, it all may sound mitigating, but you cannot even think of that how it might affect your health.

There are many jobs that require extended hours of sitting that gradually cause peculiar changes to your body like forwarding head, rounded shoulder, and sometimes slumped back posture, it usually happens when you don’t use the chair that is gentle and fits perfectly to your body.

Moreover, it weakens the gluteal muscle which your body consumes in walking purpose. Similarly, your hips and back start losing its control in supporting you when you sit for a prolonged period of time. Therefore, there are many adverse effects to your body that occurs when you don’t let your body to get involved in outdoor activities like cycling.


When you don’t exercise at all, your body becomes the origin of various hidden problems that could be fatal with time if you don’t overcome this habit. It also causes fats in your body, which leads to different types of diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol.

1. Reduction in sleeping

After spending your day productively, you still feel you have loads of fuel to burn? That is what happens when you are not hours active in exercise. Sleepless nights or reduction in your total sleeping hours are a prime factor of no exercise.

Exercising has been the utmost cause of being active all day long. Even an insomniac person can get over this difficulty with proper exercise. Mind relaxation has a direct connection to your sleep.

A relaxed mind triggers more sleep in one’s body rather than the unrelaxed mind, which means the more you exercise, the more calmingly you can sleep.

2. Metabolic Rate

As we grow older, our metabolism rate starts to slow down. The major part of our metabolism is our BMR (basal metabolic rate), which is the amount of energy our body consumes while functioning at rest like breathing, blood circulation, cell growth, contraction of the muscle, and controlling body temperature.

The reason why our metabolism rate is fast when we are young as compared to when we are older is, our growing process consumes a lot of energy and reduced fat mass.

As we become older, our metabolism rate starts to decline due to the increase in the amount of fat mass and decrease in muscle mass, which results in fat accumulation in your body. But till when your body will endure these accumulations?

At some point, it will start to throw it back in the face of obesity, which leads to many cardiovascular problems. To reduce the effect of slow metabolism, one must do exercise to maintain their metabolic rate and to live a healthy life.

Likewise, there are many other adverse effects of no exercising. But we have mentioned the two most major effects which every second person has been suffering now.

Why Bike Riding Is Good Exercise ?

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Now comes the most thinkable question, that what activities to choose as an exercise! You may have seen plenty of different exercises, whereas some of them are meant to tone the specific parts of the body. But bicycle riding does to all over your body as it uses all of the major muscles of the body.

Cycling is a low impact exercise and is gentle on your body. It functions as both physical and mental exercise and is the best protective shield against many problems.

Daily cycling does a lot to your body; it improves your cardiovascular health, lifts your mood, and raise your energy. After a month or two, you will notice an ultimate change in your health.

It will also bring you closer to nature. Long rides to the countryside or other countries will help you explore different cultures intimately, crossing deserts, mountains, and forests will help you to get closer to nature, which will definitely boost up your mental health.

Benefits Of Cycling

1. Cycling Alleviate Depression

Aerobic exercise like bike riding can really help in reducing depression stress and anxiety. When you ride a bike, your cortisol decreases, which is a stress hormone, and your brain releases a good amount of feel-good hormone (endorphins), leaving a sensation of mild euphoria and improves your mental wellbeing.

2. Cycling Combats Obesity

The benefits of cycling are countless. Cycling not only burns fats, but it builds muscles too. In order to lose weight, one must do cycling with a proper healthy diet plan. It is the best exercise to lose weight as it improves your metabolism functions and burn more fats.

3. Cycling Reduces Cancer Risk

According to some researchers, those who ride bicycles habitually have less chance of being affected by cancer than those who do not ride a bike. It is found that a person who rides a bike daily or two to three times a week has a 45% less chance of dying of cancers and 50% less chance of cardiac arrest.

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For More in-depth Information About Benefits of Bicycling, Watch the Video


Bottom Line

Consequently, Bicycling is the best way for us to keep robust health and also the best way to keep the environment pollution-free.

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a newsletter during a COVID-19 epidemic, stating that “Remember to ride a bicycle whenever possible.

Bike or walking trips reduce social distances while helping you meet minimum physical activity requirements, which can become difficult due to increased practice of telework and limited access to sports activities and leisure.”

Cycling works as a medicine and protects you from many chronic diseases like stroke, heart attack, and cancers. It is a low impact exercise for every one of all ages.

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