7 Reasons Why You Should Mountain Bike in Nepal

We all know Nepal is best prominent as the center of fearless mountain biking worldwide and is surrounded by impressive, beautiful canyons, the highest picturesque peaks, and unique spots.

If the biker calls himself a stuntman at mountain biking without reaching Nepal, then for him, history lives unconvincing.

The small country is the foundation of Buddha and Buddhism and culture, territory, and natural fantasy. Undoubtedly, a trip through Nepal is unending and extraordinary for a lifetime, too, and uniting Nepal to your included areas will add golden memories to your mountain biking history.

Reasons Why You Should Mountain Bike in Nepal

Main Reasons Why You Should Mountain Bike in Nepal

Read ahead to know more about Nepal’s all wonders for mountain bikers.

1. Not One, But Eight Amazing Peaks to Run on Your Bike

We already know that Nepal has been an excellent target for mountain bikers for eons. If you assume that all the grandeur roots are located in Mount Everest, you are probably wrong. Aside from the world’s highest peak, Nepal has been known for having eight more peaks.

These eight deathly tips of Nepal are Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga, Makalu, Dhaulagiri Manaslu, Cho Oyu, Annapurna, and Lhotse.

So, if you are preparing to step into Nepal for mountain biking, Mount Everest should also be part of your plan. Guarantee that your heart and gear are well implemented to keep you nonstop, in bonus to achieving the deathly ends with biking rides.

2. The Tracks and Trails are mind-blowing

We have heard its diverseness and distinctness, which terrain marks the exceptional trail for entertaining the biker, and for Nepal, natural twists and turns in the topography are usual. However, the best attraction of Nepalese biking tracks is how amazingly well-maintained, for centuries.

These trails are undoubtedly religiously used by the residents and travelers and are unlike the deathly ends of Nepal. Again, known as the longest and highest trails globally, the great Himalayan trail has also available drinking water end route.

3. Nepal Is the Origin of Momo’s- The Yummiest Dumplings Ever!

Without a doubt, for every range biker, mess-free food is obligatory. Momos are manageable, fresh, meal, tailor-made for grey travelers on bikes. They are made from fermented flour rolled into balls with chicken, pork, beef, vegetables, and much more.

Momos are eaten with every sauce, such as schezwan, as well as mayonnaise and ketchup. Nepal even stores diverse colors of momos, from green to orange and white to brown. So, if you request soup between traveling, your tummy will indeed bless you!

4. Nepal Is the Foundation of Buddha and Buddhism

Many of us are spiritually unsatisfied. This is an excellent chance for mountain bikers where spiritual growth, healing, and comfort come with the mountains and tracks covered in history. In Nepal, spiritual growth is necessary.

Surrounded by the calming mantras and psalms of the Buddhist cloisters, Nepal is a must-visit destination for spiritual aficionados.

7 Reasons Why You Should Mountain Bike in Nepal

5. A Multi-Faceted Destination

Traversing from the rich green and comforting peace of ghastly peaks of Everest, Nepal has everything that a mountain biker seeks. From striking valleys to cosmic canyons, the country is photogenic traveling and bears a perfect amalgam of conifer wilderness with city thrills.

This country is honored for its multi-lingual, multi-ethnic, and multi-cultural system, unlike most countries. That is why tourists will have a great vacation as they are appreciated throughout Nepal and even praised by their citizens!

6. Seven UNESCO World Inheritance Spots Are Located in Nepal

The valley of Kathmandu is honored for having seven UNESCO-proclaimed World Heritage places; therefore, it is perfect for a whole day tour, trot, or trekking Nepal as a feast for the eye and breath.

It is enough to cover one day of mountain biking to reach all the historically significant spots for sightseeing in the greatest of Nepal.

7. Nepalese Citizens Are Sweet and Amazing

In most of the leading Asian destinations, tourists are respected guests or gods in Nepal too. The Nepalese are popularly known to be the friendliest people compared to the famous tourist destinations worldwide.

So, Nepalese are always looking to greet and befriend someone, from being welcomed with a bright smile to a hot, fresh bowl of momos.

Final Words about Mountain Biking in Nepal

No doubt, Nepal is a dream for Bikers. You would indeed love the people, food, mountainous regions, the peace and calm and quietness (outside Katmandu). Here, everything about the country is appealing.

If it is certainly not the most prosperous country to ride a bicycle, we do not know what else it is. Although the adventure experience will always stay with you, so, ride until the chain breaks!

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