BELL Nomad MIPS Helmet Review | Best MTB Helmet Under $100

There is barely anything finer than the fact that you get to explore new, overwhelming destinations, roads and trails by bike.

You would be surprised to know that this is precisely what this BELL NOMAD MIPS helmet is patterned for—calling attention to an insubstantial design and an ERGO FIT adjustment system benefits with extraordinarily lofty comfort no matter the distance.

Along with in-mold designing for long-lasting matter, a spacious visor for sun-shielding, 15 massive air vents, and the amazing MIPS multi-impact protection makes Nomad fully the helmet to deserve attention that too in just $50.

Adolescence sized at 52 – 57cm, the Nomad does not disappoint you and assures you to provide a modest grow-up look for wandering round to your neighborhood as well as for touching the difficult trails.

Bell Nomad MIPS MTB Helmet Features

Bell Nomad MIPS Helmet Review

So why are you even waiting? Skim down to find out exceptional quality details of Bell Nomad MIPS helmet because Nomad gives you no more excuses.

Size and Fit of BELL Nomad MIPS Helmet

If you want to wear sunglasses during your ride, the higher-set Bell Nomad is an excellent fit. It also contains an ERGO FIT adjustment system, and no-twist tri glides straps easy to remove. However, if we compare them to other helmets worn by young people, the Nomad cover on the back is a little hard to get.

MIPS Multi-Impact Protection System

The Nomad provides excellent quality with the MIPS (multi-directional impact protection system) shielding system. MIPS is constructed to avoid stress and strain on your neck and head to conclude harmful impacts from sharp angles.

To lessen the injury ratio when collided with a hit, the inner MIPS cage permits the helmet to spin around your head to avert angular strain on your neck.

Even though the MIPS anchors are set downer in the helmet compared to the pads, boys with long hair might have a problem, especially if not tied back; they might get caught on some of the yellow rubber anchors.

Meanwhile, it is not even a big deal if your hair gets caught. There is no issue with hair being pulled when you are riding, and your hair can easily be removed.

Visor of Nomad MIPS MTB Helmet

The Nomad represents itself with a huge and removable visor. The visor is fastened with two plastic tabs that clasp the visor strongly in one place, protecting your eyes from sunlight or extreme hit of bright light in case you prefer riding in the night.

Dial-adjust of BELL MTB Helmet

The dial-adjust system on the Nomad is guarantees maximum fit and comfort throughout your ride. The knob that is like a gear can regulate the internal cage, which is small but was effortlessly used by even a seven-year-old kid.  The buckle on the Bell Nomad is also a high-quality buckle, without any pinch or irritation properties.

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Additional Qualities

The Bell Nomad has got an impartially simple and comfortable feel, which is fine for the price. It perhaps has some general absence of expertise or purification, but these are negligible and suitable for a price range like this.

The chin strap in this helmet is pretty solid and consolingly comfortable. The chin adjusters are fine enough, but they can be trouble staying in place if the fit is not right, so make sure you get the correct one.

There is a great amount of padding for protection, with more benefits for smaller heads like kids or teenagers.

Also, it contains a fusion in-mold polycarbonate shell. This method is introduced by bell bonds for helmets.  It starts from the helmet’s outer shell until its EPS foam liner to construct a well-built helmet.

  • It looks much more expensive than it is
  • The fit and function work great
  • Excellent ventilation
  • The sweat pads can get itchy
  • Its sizing and fit can be tricky to understand

Final Remarks About Bell Nomad MIPS Helmet

The Bell Nomad Helmet is constructed for riders who have the craze of adventuring new MTB trails.

It makes sure to keep your head enclosed in the course of a sport where the risk of having a hit is always present, particularly on trails you do not have an idea of as well.

It is designed with special Fusion In-mold Polycarbonate which benefits it with being a lightweight helmet.

MIPS technology sucks up all the spinning forces in case of an impact, and the Nomad Mountain Bike Helmet has so many characteristics to make you feel comfy during all of your time on your bike.

The amalgamation of an Ergo Fit dial and No-Twist Tri-Glides permits you to decide your fit; meanwhile, 15 vents benefit you with more-than-needed airflow to keep you cool. 

Bell Nomad Helmet is everything a beginner requires to start up and according to my research it’s one of the Best MTB Helmet Under $100.

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