Best Recumbent Bikes 2022 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

Whether you’re young or old, exercise plays an important role to maintain a healthy lifestyle and helps to get rid of various diseases. But not everyone is dedicated to going to the gym for exercise, so recumbent bikes are the best option for everyone to maintain fitness while staying at home.

Recumbent bikes not only made it convenient for individuals to do indoor exercise, but also these best recumbent bikes listed here are a great substitute for purchasing a treadmill or other exercise machines that take up a ton of space.

Here are different types of recumbent bikes we have reviewed to help you make the right purchase that fits your budget and requirements. The following list consists of 10 different recumbent bikes that are made of high quality, comfortable, and durable for an indefinite time period.

List of Top 10 Best Recumbent Bikes

You’ll find below a list of top ten best recumbent bikes on the market right now, followed by a Buyers Guide at the end.

Editor’s ChoiceEditor’s Choice
Schwinn 230 Recumbent BikeResistance Levels: 20 Display: 2 LCDs Other: 20 preset workout programsCheck On Amazon
Marcy Magnetic NS-716R Recumbent BikeResistance Levels: 8 Display: LCD Monitor Weight Capacity: 300 lbsCheck On Amazon
Best OverallBest Overall
Marcy ME-709 Recumbent BikeResistance Levels: 8 Display: Displays time, speed, distance, calories, and odometer Weight Capacity: 300 lbsCheck On Amazon
Best Folding Recumbent BikeBest Folding Recumbent Bike
Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent BikeResistance Levels: 8 Display: Displays distance, calories, time, speed, and heart rate Weight Capacity: 300 lbs Other Features: Foldable, Large SeatCheck On Amazon
2-in-1 – Upright and Recumbent Bike2-in-1 – Upright and Recumbent Bike
Lanos Folding Exercise BikeResistance Levels: 10 Display: Digital LCD Monitor, Phone & Tablet Holder Weight Capacity: 330lb Other Features: 2-in-1 – Upright and Recumbent Foldable Stationary BikeCheck On Amazon
Allows to program your workoutAllows to program your workout
Fitness Reality R4000 Recumbent BikeResistance Levels: 14 Display: Features odometer, time, speed, distance, calories, and rpm Weight Capacity: 250 lbsCheck On Amazon
Best for SeniorsBest for Seniors
JEEKEE Recumbent BikeResistance Levels: 8 Weight Capacity: 300 lbs Other Features: Comfortable Seat & Pulse Grip, Multi-function Monitor, Video HolderCheck On Amazon
Best Durable BikeBest Durable Bike
HCI Fitness XT Recumbent BikeResistance Levels: 8 Seat: Hi-Lo Adjustable 15 positions Other Features: 3 years warranty, Large Easy-to-Read DisplayCheck On Amazon
SOLE R92 Recumbent BikeResistance Levels: Zero Seat: 12 position adjustable Other Features: Built-in cooling fan, 300 lbs, Water bottle holderCheck On Amazon
Lifetime WarrantyLifetime Warranty
Fitnex R70 Recumbent Exercise BikeResistance Levels: 16 Display: Time, distance, speed, calories, and pulse rate; eight built-in programs Weight Capacity: 400 lbsCheck On Amazon

1. Schwinn Recumbent Bike Series

Schwinn Recumbent Bike Series

Schwinn, from producing high-end components to bikes and now they are proving their pretty selves in indoor exercising bikes. With its enhanced technology, they have come up with this versatile recumbent bike.

From dual-track LCD screen to comforting seat to non-slip handlebars, every part of this bike has something incredible in it.

Schwinn 230 Recumbent bike adopts a solidly made step-through frame that delivers exceptional comfort and performance.

The seat that provides a soothing effect to your back is made with supremely thick density foam to add comfort. The backrest is ventilated, meaning it never lets your back sweaty in warm weather also provides excellent lumbar support.

The non-slip handlebars provide a strong grip while there are two pulse sensors attached to each handlebars giving you the heart rate with accuracy.

Schwinn 230 Recumbent bike is giving you many levels of computer-controlled resistance to help you set your intensity to get numerous range of workouts. You can easily do exercise without being worried while your toddler taking a nap because its high end and high-speed inertia drive system works silently and provides a smooth start-up.

  • 29 pre-installed programs
  • Inertia drive system for easy start-up
  • Ventilated backrest
  • The built-in heart rate sensor may feel flaky

2. Marcy Magnetic NS-716R Recumbent Bike

Marcy Magnetic NS-716R Recumbent Bike

These recumbent bikes are the best option for those who scare of extreme weather because sometimes it gets so hot and so cold that you could not gather the courage to go out and exercise.

In such circumstances, this Marcy magnetic recumbent bike is best to get all your problems solved.

Numerous range of versatile features makes it most valuable among the consumers. Its step-through frame helps people with some injuries who find difficulty in getting on the bike. It allows the user to sit on the seat without putting effort.

The ergonomically made seat and backrest are exceedingly comfy and padded that provides an excellent place to give rest to their tired body. The backrest helps the rider in eliminating their back stress.

The 8 levels of magnetic resistance are so easy to decrease and increase because there is a dial that rotates effortlessly for quick settings.

The large, user-friendly LCD screen gives a clear vision of time, distance, speed, burned calories, and pulse rate. Its smooth and easy to hold handlebars with built-in pulse sensor makes Marcy magnetic bike an eminently valuable.

The inseam length of 28 inches to 34 inches provides a fairly enough space to accommodate multiple heights of the user to set their legs easily. Via knob, it is just easy-peasy to adjust the seat as per your needs.

A sudden feel of thirst is so disturbing when you are exercising, and something interrupts your pace. To keep your exercising rhythm, manufacturers have facilitated it with a water bottle holder so you can drink your favorite drinks.

  • Water bottle holder
  • Good inseam length
  • Transportation wheel are added
  • No programs installed

3. Marcy ME-709 Recumbent Bike

Marcy ME-709 Recumbent Bike

This recumbent bike is another big deal from Marcy. That is here to give you many outrageous features. The sleek ergonomically designed frame is smarter when it comes to your sight.

The bike is great to provide you with good cardiovascular endurance and helps you stay healthy by all means.

If you are looking for something that does not occupy much of your home space, then this Marcy recumbent bike is your thing.

It is made with a compact design so that it can fit any small space. It increases cardiovascular endurance, reshapes your bulky body at a much affordable price.

Seat adjustability is the prime factor that users look for when they plan to buy any recumbent bike. This bike provides decent space in inseam length of 27 inches to 36 inches to accommodate nearly every user with multiple sizes and height to help them reshape their posture. The seat is padded, meaning it offers next-level comfort and aid to relax your body.

The smart handlebars with a pulse sensor on it never feel flaky so you can easily grab the handlebars for the settled position.

With the fastest pedaling, there is a chance of your foot slip during pedaling which sounds quite irritating. But the Marcy recumbent bike has strong pedals with safety strap so you can trouble-freely get the hardcore workout without any fear of foot slipping.

The 8 level of magnetic resistance offers a wide range of workouts, and a large LCD screen helps you see the time, speed, distance burned calories, and ODO. The relocation of the bike is so easy with the built-in transportation wheels.

  • Smart, compact designed frame
  • Wide range of magnetic resistance
  • Heavily padded seat
  • No programs installed
  • No speakers

4. EXERPEUTIC 300SR – Best Folding Recumbent Bike


This bike is the answer to all the questions that are popping up in your mind. The solution to every problem lies in this bike, whether you want a cost-effective bike or a high-end bike with less price. Exerpeutic holds these attributes. Giving you the sleek, robust frame with high-end components at a much less cost.

This bike would be much desirable by every person who loves to exercise, but some things just ruin your workout like office work. The Exerpeutic frame shrinks to give you the height that matches to your desk so you could manage your office work while working out.

High tension magnetic resistance is easy to adjust with a lever and never bother you to get off of your seat for intensity adjustments. The three-piece crank system helps to increase your workout out efficiency while the flywheel and V-belt drive give a silent startup.

Its collapsible frame becomes half of its original size and makes it easy to be fit in any place like closets and others. The upright will not be an option if someone has recovered from some sort of injury. Its semi-recumbent style makes entry and exits easy.

Moreover, large and padded seat provide riders of any shape and height a supreme comfort and backrest. EXERPEUTIC 300SR extended weight capacity of 300 pounds is proven to be the best option for those who do not find any exercise equipment that could help them to fit their bulky body.

  • Works with height adjustable desk
  • Extended weight capacity of 300lbs
  • Three-piece crank system
  • No programs installed

5. Lanos Folding Exercise Bike

Lanos Folding Exercise Bike

Recumbent bikes are the best way to get into shape. But not all of the people want themselves reshaped through recumbent bikes and they look forward to upright bikes that help them straightened their back.

Recumbent bikes are an excellent choice for the ones with older age, ones who are recovering from any injury and cannot extend their legs enough to get on the bike. But what if you get these two types at the same time and on the same bike. Yes, we have something that has both choices.

Lanos exercise bike and its supremely foldable design offer you to set your bike as per your choice whether to change it into a recumbent bike, an upright bike, or a semi-recumbent bike.

Another feature that makes it super desirable is its weight capacity as it takes up the weight up to 330 pounds. The bike is not limited to just one person because this bike allows everyone whether the person is men, women or any senior; each of them can ride this bike feasibly.

The seat is sewed up decently. It provides comfortable support to your back while its adjustable seat helps you to set the height as per your need.

The resistance capacity of standard bikes is 8 levels. Fewer of them offer more resistance levels. This bike has 10 levels of magnetic resistance which is extremely easy to change with a tension knob. It helps to get different types of workouts and revives your exercising routines.

The precision-balanced flywheel gives a smooth, and quite startup does not interfere when you’re watching TV or listening to music.

The large digital monitor helps the rider to clearly see workout efficiency as it displays time, speed, distance, and burned calories. Plus there is a tablet holder to provide fun during exercise.

On the handlebars, has two pulse sensor that tracks your heart rate accurately. When you are not exercising, just pull out the knob to fold the bike.

  • Three in one folding exercise bike
  • High tension magnet resistance
  • Heavily padded seat
  • No programs installed

6. Fitness Reality R4000 Recumbent Bike

Fitness Reality R4000 Recumbent Bike

The Fitness reality is excellent, sturdy, and goes like a dream. One of the prominent features of this bike is that it is nicely compact to get fit into any tight space. The frame is constructed with steel which made it more durable and reliable.

What matters for the buyers or what they first see when they plan to buy any recumbent bike is its affordable cost and bikes quality. The Fitness Reality R4000 holds both attributes while functions incredibly well.

The bike has three pre-installed workout goal setting that you can set your time, distance, and burned calories limit to test your fitness. Multi-levels of magnetic resistance are given to help you set different types of workouts to challenge your fitness level. Its quite drive belt system provides smooth operation and does not interrupt your favorite TV shows.

Its step-thru frame provides easy on and off the bike. The bikes strength can be reckoned through how much weight the bike can hold. The Fitness Reality bike can take up weight up to 250 pounds, even though people with 6 feet 3-inch height can easily exercise on it too.

The manufacturers have thoroughly tested their recumbent bikes before sending it to its relevant stores and help to ensure its reliability.

It is the best bike for those who have a lower back problem because the heavily padded backrest provides excellent lumbar support and takes out all the stress. The extended seat is made to tailor all the users with infinite slider adjustability.

The heavy workout takes up too much energy and leaves you thirsty; therefore, they have equipped this bike with a water bottle holder for easy access to water. For easy maneuvering this bike has a transportation wheel so can easily relocate it.

  • 14 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Water bottle holder
  • Three workout goal setting
  • Unclear manual

7. JEEKEE Indoor Cycling Bike – Best Recumbent Bike for Seniors

JEEKEE Indoor Cycling Bike

One of the major problems that every new parent faces is that they could not manage their routines, sadly they hardly take out time for their pretty selves. The only time when they are able to do their stuff is when their toddlers are taking a nap.

In all these situations, you need something that helps you to get back your previous smart posture, meanwhile do not produce any sound or be the cause to interrupt your toddlers nap.

The JEEKEE recumbent bike is just your thing. It has advanced two-way external magnetic flywheel technology with strong dual belt mechanism helps you get the smooth-riding experience while produces only 20DB of sound which is just negligible to hear and way quieter than any traditional chain-type machine.

The seat and frame are designed ergonomically. Its recumbent structure gives secure entry and exit. The seat is supremely comfortable with a pulse grip on each side to trace your heartbeat accurately.

Its thick comfy backrest acts as a shield for your spine and protects it from any ache during prolonged exercise. One of its good thing to discuss is it has 9 positions seat adjustment that accommodates various users with multiple heights to adjust in it properly.

The multipurpose bike is providing you with 8 levels of magnetic resistance to change your workout intensity while exercising. It gives relaxation, physical therapy, and exercise at the same time you just need to rotate the knob at your desired level.

Its pedals and adjustable straps prevent your feet from falling off during fast pedaling. The large LCD monitor shows distance, speed, time, ODO, and burned calories with bold numbers so you could easily see your working capabilities.

Its large free space of 27 inches to 39 inches is suitable for older people with leg issues while its transportation wheel provides easy maneuvering.

  • Provides quiet startup
  • Alarm system and iPad holder
  • One year parts free replacement
  • No program installed

8. HCI Fitness PhysioCycle XT Recumbent Bike

HCI Fitness PhysioCycle XT Recumbent Bike

Most of the cheap price models do not offer smooth rotation, and sometimes they are jerky. HCI Fitness PhysioCycle is the smoothest running recumbent bike you would ever own.

Its assembling is way easy and does not require extra efforts in putting it together. All the crucial things are added in the packaging for easy and smooth assembling.

HCI is known for producing high quality and affordable machines for health, fitness, rehabilitation, physical therapy, and active aging.

They are giving a noticeable warranty for this product as for frame it is a lifetime warranty, for mechanical and electronic parts there is 3 years of warranty and a 1-year warranty in case of any damage.

The seat is comfortable and provides soothing comfort even in prolonged exercise. Its easy to grab handlebar has a heart rate tracker.

To ensure the perfect fit for every user, they have facilitated it with 15 levels of seat adjustment. Also, the more you will move your seat backward, the more it will rise upward, which will help you to strengthen your different muscles.

The recumbent cycling and the dependent upper body ergometer work together to provide you with a quick and effective workout. PhysioCycle with 8 levels of magnetic resistance and 7 installed programs gives you plenty of different exercises, and installed programs help you to achieve your fitness goal.

  • Large LCD display
  • Pre-installed programs
  • Heavily padded seat
  • Not recommended for short height people

9. SOLE R92 Recumbent Bike

SOLE R92 Recumbent Bike

SOLE has been making an industry-standard recumbent bike for ages and helping consumers to achieve physical challenges that are gentle on their joints.

This bike is basically designed to be placed on apartments where there is less space for big things. Its uniquely compact design makes it easy to set anywhere with less space.

It is ideal for complex apartments, physical therapy clinics, fitness studios, school weight rooms, or even for home use.

Its multiple preset programs allow users to adjust their fitness goals. SOLE has a heavily padded seat, and backrest provides comfortable support to your lumbar while its adjustable 12 position seat helps users to adjust the seat according to their size and height. On the handlebars, it has two pulse sensors to track your heart rate.

Zero levels of ECB resistance provides smooth and quiet shifting within the resistance level. Its 9 inches large LCD display gives a clear vision of your workout efficiency.

When you pedal fast, there is a chance of falling off the seat, so for this cause it has chest straps that prevent falling.

  • Water bottle holder
  • Transport wheel for easy mobility
  • Maximum weight capacity 300lbs
  • The seat may feel hard

10. Fitnex R70 Recumbent Bike

Fitnex R70 Recumbent Bike

This bike claims to give you a commercial-grade bike at an affordable price. Fitness R50 is ideal for improving your cardiovascular health, strengthening your legs and also best for the cyclist who cannot ride their bikes in inclement weather.

The frame and seat are designed meticulously to give users a friendly place to get their selves into shape.

The seat is adjustable while the distance between the pedals and the seat is more than enough to accommodate users with various height and size. Both seat and back are oversized to provide you with multiple levels of comfort every time.

The built-in pulse sensor on each handlebar helps you to see your heartbeat and allows you to trace your workout efficiency. It features 16 levels of magnetic resistance level that help you get multiple ways to set the intensity of your workout.

To give you a challenging workout session, it has preset 8 programs which include manual, HR, race, weight loss, interval and rolling. The poly v-belt drive system works quieter than other recumbent bike and provides a smooth start-up. 

The not so heavy recumbent bike weighs just 165 pounds while holds 400 weight capacity. The pedals added with straps works as a security guard that prevents your feet from falling off the pedals while fast pedaling.

  • Preset 8 programs
  • Step thru frame
  • Transportation wheel for easy mobility
  • Assembling is hard

You can also find a variety of recumbent exercise bikes with their details: Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Recumbent Bike Buying Guide

In these days of quarantine, it is no easy to being caged and not being able to go out for mind freshness and to reduce loads of calories through many outdoor exercises. It could be perplexing and depressing. Kudos to the inventor Johnny Goldberg who invented a recumbent exercise bike in 1986.

Recumbent bikes are great in favor of those who are facing some sort of lower back pain, who have some pre-existing injuries and could not make it to do outdoor exercise like cycling, swimming, and running. Because of its numerous top-of-the-line features, these bikes are above in sale volume as compare to its partner upright bike.

Advantages of Recumbent Bike

Besides many advantages of a recumbent bike, some of them are jotted down here.

  • Recumbent bike consumes energy of your leg and thighs majorly and helps to tone them.
  • Unlike cycling and other exercises, it is a low impact exercise, requires less effort, and does not put much pressure on your lower body.
  • Since it is a low impact exercise, hence provide you with an excellent opportunity to strengthen your muscles for a longer timeframe.
  • The best way that not only improves your outer appearance but also leaves a good impact on your heart and lungs as it increases blood circulation level and lessens lung problems.

Before you spend your hard-earned cash, we would like you to consider some crucial features to look for while purchasing a recumbent exercise bike:

1. Adjustable seat and backrest

Adjustable seat and backrest make a massive difference if not constructed to the level of comfort that keeps the client relaxed during an exercise. It allows you to set the position that fits your body rightly and also helps the client to put the maximum of its effort in its workout for effective results.

The main factor that keeps the recumbent bikes a level ahead than upright bikes in sale volume is its broad seat and a backrest that provides a reclined body position that puts less pressure on your spine and decreases the chance of back pain.

For a proper reclined position always look for a recumbent exercise bike with an adjustable seat and wider backrest designed with quality material. It relieves stress, provides lumbar support, and keeps your spine in a good position.

2. Frame

Getting on and off is easy for people with tall height but not every person could easily get on and off of the bike due to lower height. A step-thru frame is particularly a frame that allows you to sit on the bike without bothering your legs to lift them up for mounting. Therefore get a recumbent bike that offers a step-thru frame to mount and dismount easily.

3. Warranty

Warranty is purposeful and beneficial for both buyers and manufacturers as it enhances the chance of a repeat in their product sale. For buyers, it creates a sense of reliability of the product. A good quality product will always offer a warranty that marks the fact that the product contains less or no defects. So opt a bike that offers a year or two of warranty.

4. Resistance

Although, resistance is itself a major topic and covers many questions regarding resistance like types of resistance, why resistance is needed, level of resistance, and others. For your convenience, we have narrowed it down in a separate article. This will surely help you to eliminate your misconception regarding resistance.

For More Guide On Same Topic, Take A Look At Our Resistance Of Recumbent Bike.

5. Flywheel

The ride quality depends on the right distribution of the weight of the flywheel. It is a massive weighted metal disk. The purpose of the flywheel is to create a realistic feel of working uphill. It is usually located in front of an exercise bike with a pair of pedals.

What should be the weight of flywheel?

The standard weight of flywheel weighs around 38lbs and can be up in some commercial bikes. The bike with the heavy weighted flywheel is recommended because it smoothes out the ride and prevents jerky and irritating ride.

The heavy flywheel takes more effort in getting the start, and once it starts and creates its momentum, it keeps rotating even after you stop pedaling.

The disadvantage of a lightweight flywheel is it does not keep rotating after you stop pedaling. It does not maintain the momentum because there no weight that could keep them rotating.


You can see here from costly recumbent bikes to low price recumbent bikes. Regardless of the price, here every bike is the best recumbent bike. No matter what price they are offering, you would never regret picking one for you. We have these already tested before presenting it to you.

Recumbent means recline position, which means excellent lumbar support; it not only relieves your stress but also puts less pressure on your lower body, which often cause when you ride any traditional outdoor bike.

There may be many knots tied up in your mind regarding the bikes quality and its reliability, even for this you do not need to worry because bike listed here the manufacturers of every best recumbent bike is offering you one or two years of warranty which is entirely enough to check any recumbent bikes quality.

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