Do Mountain Bikes Have Kickstands?

Do Mountain Bikes Have Kickstands?

Mountain bikes are great fun to ride and are more suited to more experienced riders. They are designed to give you the freedom to explore the mountains. They are often the choice of vehicle for those who love to explore new landscapes and trails, But you may be wondering whether they have kickstands or not? 

As long as you’re a careful rider you don’t need a kickstand on your bike and there are many reasons you might get one. So, in this article, we’ll take a look at all the different kinds of bikes which may or may not need a  kickstand and why or not you need a kickstand.

What is a kickstand?

A kickstand is a simple device that allows you to stand the bike up on its own without leaning against something for support. The kickstand is usually attached to the frame and is usually a metal rod with a circular knob at the end so that when the rider stops riding, the bike can rest without falling over.

It allows you to stand the bike up and keep it there. The kickstand is particularly useful when you are riding in the street and need to stop suddenly, such as to let a car or pedestrian pass.

Why mountain bikes don’t have kickstands?

There are several reasons why mountain bikes don’t have kickstands. The most common reason is that mountain bikes are designed to be ridden off-road. They are built to be stable, light, and tough. 

For example, the terrain is too dangerous to allow a rider to get off the bike, and if you’re on a busy road, the bike would get in the way of other traffic. The terrain can be quite rough and rocky, and the bike would not be able to support itself with a kickstand.

Moreover, Let’s look at more reasons:

  • Kickstands add weight and cost to the bike.
  • The majority of mountain bikes are designed so that the rider is in an upright position, which means that the bike can stand by itself.
  • Kickstands are only really useful when you’re parking your bike on a flat surface. On the side of a hill not so much.
  •  It will also get in the way of your pedals, so it’s better to not have one.
  • A kickstand would make your bike more difficult to ride and more difficult to control while you’re riding.

Which types of mountain bikes need kickstands?

It’s a good idea to use a kickstand if you’re going to be leaving your bike for a long period of time. You don’t want your bike to fall over and get damaged. 

Moreover, If you’re planning on riding on the road, you’ll want to consider using a kickstand, as well. If you’re riding in a city, you’ll want to make sure you’re always aware of traffic. 

Plus, only if your bike has suspension will you need a kickstand, and if you are riding in the city and you’re planning on parking your bike on the sidewalk.

Do Mountain Bikes Have Kickstands

Which types of mountain bikes don’t need kickstands?

There are a few different types of mountain bikes out there, and they all have their own unique features. If you own a hardtail mountain bike, then you won’t need a kickstand because this style of bike doesn’t have any suspension.

Touring bikes, mountain bikes, and cyclocross bikes usually come with kickstands. Mountain bikes usually don’t have, but they can be fitted with them. Plus if your bike is a hybrid or a cruiser, then you might not need one.

What is the alternative to a kickstand on a mountain bike?

The alternative to a kickstand on a mountain bike is a center stand, which allows the bike to lean against an immobile object. The other alternative to a kickstand on a mountain bike is a frame lock, which is similar to the security system on a car. 

Do Mountain Bikes Have Kickstands

As the name suggests, it’s a locking system that prevents someone from lifting up your bike and running away with it.

What are the Pros and cons of having a kickstand on a mountain bike?

The advantage of having a kickstand on a mountain bike is that it allows you to rest your bike on the kickstand while you get off and adjust your gear, or put on and take off your helmet.

Moreover, kickstands are that it helps keep the bike upright, it’s more stable, and you don’t have to lean it against something. One of the disadvantages is that it makes your bike more difficult to move around, especially if you have to carry it up a flight of stairs.


There are several types of mountain bikes, and each type has its own features and advantages. If you’re looking to buy a mountain bike, then it’s important to take the time to find out which features are most important to you. 

You can learn more about different types of mountain bikes in our article about mountain bikes.

A kickstand can also be a useful accessory for road bikes, and it’s a good idea to consider getting one if you’re planning on riding in a city.

We hope you find this guide useful as you make your decision on whether or not to buy a mountain bike with a kickstand. Thank you!

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