Testicular Pain After Bike Ride – Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Bicycle riding is such a blessing that it is legit a healer to many acute and chronic problems like cancer, stroke, and strain, strengthening their muscles and staying fit. Nevertheless, it also can put men into various drastic troubles if they continue to ride it without proper bike fit.

Many men undergo sore testicles or normally dull pain or delicate notion in their testicles after cycling. Several men think that cycling can be the reason for erectile problems in the future in the manifestation of infertility and impotency.

Nonetheless, it’s feasible for a male cyclist to shield in opposition to that sort of problem and reassure coziness while cycling with the correct effort

. Testicular pain is one of the common problem among men due to the mountain biking on unpaved trails or long bike ride. It could be due to various reasons which are listed below but the most common reason is unfit bike or imperfect seat post.

Misconceptions Concerning Cycling And Testicular Pain

Today some of the major problems like sore testicles and impotency are being experienced by men.

It went to the extent that men have started to get away from cycling because of their sexual health fears. But we are here to assure you that there is nothing to fear regarding your sexual life.

Testicular pain after Cycling

However, many researchers have disapproved the fact that says cycling as a cause of infertility in men. Continuous cycling with an inaccurate saddle can inevitably cause temporary numbness and a dull ache in the balls due to decrease blood supply in nether regions but has nothing to do with impotence.

Things That Cause Testicular Pain from Bike Ride

1. Inappropriate Saddle

You may have listened about bicycle seat pain from many cyclists because the poor or inappropriate saddle is the utmost reason for testicular pain. Either high or low, both the position can cause a sensation of numbness in the testicles.

Along with that, Saddle material and structure also matters a lot. So, always make sure to use the bicycle saddle that helps you get rid of numbness and testicular pain.

What is the right riding position to avoid testicular pain?

The right position can be attained through a simple test. Place your shoe on the paddle and pedal backward until you get the 6 o’clock position, and still, if your knees are bent, you need to increase the saddle’s height.

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2. Fluid Accumulation In The Testis

Testicles are the most sensitive area of the male body, and if you are not cycling in the right position and feel tired or pain in testicles after cycling, it can lead to many serious problems like fluid accumulation.

Spermatoceles, Varicoceles, and hydroceles within your testes can be influenced besides cycling and, as a result, can lead to fluid accumulation and infections. So it’s always good to have a checkup to confirm your situation.

3. Testicular Torsion

Testicular torsion happens when your testicles are twisted around the scrotum and lead to cease or decrease in blood flow and rise to swell and sharp pain.

The reduced blood flow can instantly and severe pain instantly, and the pain might decrease or increase but will not go entirely until treated.

4. Neuropathy

Generally, this term refers to any nerve that is damage in the body. Though the pudendal nerve is present between your genitals and anus and its function, it sends pain signals to the balls.

Consequently, if your bicycle is putting pressure on the pudendal nerve, it can pain the testicles and warn you of any upcoming problem. Pain that occurs from this can be noticeable with numbness.

If you face any of the above problems, quickly visit your nearer hospital before the condition worsens.


Now comes “What things to take care of to prevent testicular pain while cycling long distances?”!

1. If you want to ride in peace and without any hindrance, then proper saddle fit is really important. However, if your seat is too narrow, then there might be a chance of your ischial tuberosities sliding over outside and adding pressure on your pudendal nerve and testicles.

The wide and properly fitted seat will help you release extra pressure on your pudendal nerve and testicles.

2. Another way you can prevent sore testicles is pedaling by standing out of the saddle. When you pedal while stands out of the saddle, this will permit blood to flow easily in your testicles and genitalia.

3. Last but not least, always go for padded shorts for cycling to help you protect your nether regions from aching.

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Testicular Pain After Bike Ride

Treatment of Testicle Pain Caused from Cycling

If you are facing testicle pain after cycling or testicle damage then two basic things can really accommodate in reducing soreness and pain. Initially, with the proper rest and with some icing over the affected area, icing can overcome the problem. You could also take warm baths or place a cup beneath your scrotum or heating with a warm towel to reduce temporary pain.

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Also, stop completely sitting over the hard area of the saddle for a long time. If this treatment doesn’t overcome the pain, then take some testicle pain medicine.

We would not recommend you these two remedies if you experience a lump on your scrotum, a fever because of pain, you being in sexual contact with someone having mumps or severe redness then you should quickly consult your nearby doctor if the pain in your testis occurs with nausea and vomiting.


Besides cycling as a blessing, it can also cause you extreme damage if you continue riding a bike with an inappropriate saddle or unfit bike.

Male nether regions are the most sensitive part of their body and responsible for many functions, one of them includes the fertility of men. However, infertility in men has nothing to with cycling, but fewer men face infertility due to cycling, according to some research.

You might have pain that has nothing to do with cycling, too, and that is why a checkup is a must need to know what is affecting you.

Therefore, it is necessary to protect oneself from testicular pain by choosing the right bike size, shorts and saddle for your bike.

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